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CIO Wolfgang Eger to become a Member of Executive Management

Digitization is an increasingly important competitive factor for Switzerland. For this reason, Swiss Post is continuously expanding its digital services. The company is also taking this development into account at an organizational level by strengthening its Informatics/Technology unit. The head of this unit will now become a Member of Executive Management. Wolfgang Eger, who has been CIO since 2019, will become a Member of Swiss Post Executive Management as of 1 January 2022.

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Technologies are changing lives around the world. Digital infrastructures, data security, online retail and logistics chains are increasingly becoming the driving factors behind Switzerland’s competitive edge and prosperity. For this reason, Swiss Post plans to continue growing in these digital areas and is consistently aligning its services with its customers’ future needs. In this way, Swiss Post is making an important contribution to digital development in Switzerland. This development demonstrates that the Informatics/Technology unit will play an increasingly important role at Swiss Post in the future.

Swiss Post also wants to reflect the importance of this unit at an organizational level. Executive Management has therefore decided to expand to add the Head of the Informatics/Technology unit as a full member. Wolfgang Eger has been CIO of Swiss Post since 2019 and will become a Member of Swiss Post Executive Management as of 1 January 2022. “The Swiss Post of tomorrow will have a greater demand for IT and technology in many of its units. This step brings us even closer to the business and function units, which not only benefits the company, but ultimately also Swiss Post’s customers,” says Wolfgang Eger. “To put it bluntly: without a functioning IT system at Swiss Post, there is no functioning universal service. With over 1,700 employees in this unit, Swiss Post is one of the three largest IT providers in Switzerland and trains around 200 new, talented young people every year.”

Wolfgang Eger is married, has two children and is a dual citizen of Switzerland and Germany. He studied mathematics and IT at the Universities of Mannheim and Karlsruhe and has obtained various additional qualifications, including from the Harvard Business School in Boston. Wolfgang Eger has many years of experience in managing and developing large ICT organizations, most recently at Swisscom, where he worked before joining Swiss Post.


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