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Swiss Post acquires SwissSign Group Ltd.

Swiss Post has acquired SwissSign Group Ltd. with effect from 1 October 2021. The company will now become an independent subsidiary of Swiss Post Group. Swiss Post had previously held a 17 percent stake in the Swiss joint venture. SwissSign Group Ltd. offers digital services such as SwissID, certificate and signature solutions. The services provided by SwissSign boost the range of digital services available, and, in turn, support Swiss Post’s new strategy. Swiss Post is establishing itself as a trustworthy partner for people, companies and public authorities in the area of secure data transmission. The acquisition will provide it with key expertise and well-established solutions in the area of digital identity. As a government-related entity, Swiss Post is creating the conditions that will allow it to offer Switzerland, the cantons and citizens a secure digital identity if required.

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Swiss Post has decided to increase its stake in SwissSign Group Ltd. from the previous 17 per cent, and to acquire the company in full. SwissSign Group Ltd. was founded in 2018 and was previously a joint venture between Swiss Post, other enterprises affiliated with the Confederation and various financial institutions and insurance companies.

Its services include:

  • Identities: issue of SwissID, which allows secure login to online services
  • Certificates: issue of certificates, which allow encrypted and secure online communication and forgery-proof signing of documents
  • Signatures: legally valid signing of documents and uploading of documents via the SwissID App

The services form the basis for the simple, secure use of online services provided by public authorities and companies.

SwissSign is a good fit for Swiss Post’s new strategy

To enable customers to use online services from companies and public authorities easily and securely, services are required for secure digital identification, authentication and, depending on the context, also for legally valid digital signatures. These are precisely the areas where SwissSign Group Ltd. operates. With its range of services, the company is a good fit for Swiss Post’s strategic focus, in particular for the strategy of the new Communication Services business unit. “For Swiss Post, SwissSign’s services play an important role in offering solutions that enable simple, secure and efficient digital interaction between individuals, companies and public authorities,” says Nicole Burth, Member of Executive Management and head of the Communication Services business unit.

SwissSign Group already offers the proven, secure login to all Swiss Post online services. Today, over 1.6 million customers use this login. Swiss Post wants to keep this access – the digital gateway to the “yellow world“ – in its hands in future and develop it further. It means Swiss Post will also continue to offer people and companies a Swiss solution for identity, certificate and signature services as an alternative to international or private market participants.

Securing digital identity expertise

In its “Swiss Post of tomorrow” strategy, Swiss Post assumes the role of a trustworthy, independent intermediary between the physical and digital worlds – including in the area of increasingly digital communication between public authorities and citizens. As an enterprise affiliated with the Confederation with a strong nationwide presence, Swiss Post is the natural choice for this type of service.

“It means Swiss Post is also actively involved in the discussions surrounding an electronic identity,” says Roberto Cirillo, CEO of Swiss Post. “We want to develop today’s mostly physical public service, make it fit for the future, and digitize it. If the Confederation, cantons and citizens want an enterprise affiliated with the Confederation to be part of the future e-ID solution, we’ll be ready to provide it.”

SwissSign Group Ltd. will become an independent subsidiary of Swiss Post Group. Swiss Post will position SwissSign Group Ltd. with an eye to the future and continue to develop it sustainably. This means that it will invest in the coming years in the existing business areas in which SwissSign Group Ltd. operates to ensure that the company can grow successfully. As the online market continues to grow, secure digital identities are now vitally important to people and businesses in Switzerland. SwissID will therefore remain one of the primary services provided by SwissSign Group Ltd.



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