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Swiss Post makes a statement for equality

2021 is the anniversary of two major events in Swiss history: 50 years of women’s suffrage and 150 years since the internment of Bourbaki’s army in Switzerland. Swiss Post is marking these two momentous moments with two stamps. They are available now from all Swiss Post branches as well as online from the Postshop.

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With the first stamp issue of 2021, Swiss Post is making a statement for equality. On 7 February 1971, Switzerland introduced women’s suffrage at federal level – one of the last nations to do so by international comparison. The vote was preceded by decades-long efforts by various women’s rights movements. Over 65% of the voters – only men were permitted to vote at the time – accepted the proposal. The stamp marking the 50th anniversary shows Helvetia – the symbol of the Swiss federal state – casting her vote in the ballot box. Inspired by the women’s strike movement, a warm violet was chosen for the stamp. By using this stamp on their letters, senders can show their support for equality in society.

Switzerland’s greatest humanitarian effort

In another special stamp, Swiss Post commemorates one of the nation’s greatest humanitarian efforts. In winter 1871 – towards the end of the Franco-Prussian War – over 87,000 soldiers of the French Army of the East crossed the Swiss border within three days and laid down their weapons. The members of what was known as Bourbaki’s army were then interned in Switzerland. The recently established Swiss Red Cross was deployed for the first time, but local people also showed great solidarity with the soldiers and provided aid in exemplary fashion. This humanitarian effort was captured around ten years later by Edouard Castres in a 112-metre-long painting. The “Bourbaki Panorama” tondo is on display at the building of the same name in the city of Lucerne. A section of the painting adorns the new stamp marking the 150th anniversary of that momentous event. By scanning the stamp on their smartphones with the Post-App, customers can view the remarkable tondo in almost lifelike quality.

Other stamps in the issue cover the themes of 100 years Dürrenmatt, 100 years insulin, Animals in the city and A Mail and B Mail. They are available now at all Swiss Post branches as well as online at


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More information about all the stamps in the first issue 2021 can also be found in the stamp magazine “Focus on stamps” and at



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