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Swiss Post and Swisscom boost collaboration in IT sector

Switzerland and its companies are becoming increasingly digital, including Swiss Post and Swisscom. Both companies offer and develop digital solutions for people and companies in Switzerland. In future, the two companies aim to reinforce their long-standing collaboration in the IT sector: they want to build up their IT capacities in clearly defined areas together, rather than independently and in parallel. Swiss Post and Swisscom have signed an agreement as a basis for this closer collaboration. It represents an important step to help counter the shortage of IT specialists in Switzerland.

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Digitization is progressing rapidly. Both Swiss Post and Swisscom are working intensively on digital solutions for the future and on developing their IT competencies. Additionally, more and more processes, work procedures and services at both Swiss Post and Swisscom are based on information technology. IT is becoming the driving force behind rapid digital developments in both companies, and its importance will continue to grow.

Swiss Post and Swisscom have been working together for many years in the IT sector. Swisscom is a key IT service provider for Swiss Post today, for instance when it comes to protective measures against network attacks or innovations such as the Internet of things. In future, both companies want to collaborate even more closely in defined IT areas, for instance data storage, and avoid duplications. They have signed a memorandum of understanding to achieve this goal. Swiss Post’s Head of IT Wolfgang Eger explains: “Together with our Swisscom colleagues, we want to harness synergies in the future as we continue to develop. We aim to jointly enhance our digitization capabilities and expand our business IT expertise. It will mean we can secure key capacity as well as access to new technologies for Swiss Post.” Thomas Wettstein, Head of IT Solutions for Swisscom Business Customers, says: “We’re really looking forward to working even more closely with Swiss Post in future. Given the huge challenges that we face as Switzerland continues to go digital, this move makes a lot of sense for both companies and for Switzerland as an IT location.”

Swiss Post and Swisscom retain their entrepreneurial freedom

The memorandum of understanding specifically regulates the type of collaboration between the two companies, and it sets out how IT orders are awarded by Swiss Post to Swisscom. The contents of the memorandum of understanding specifically cover the development of certain areas within Swiss Post’s IT Service Center, for instance relating to data storage and the smart workplace. This is where the two companies are looking to combine their competencies: Swisscom will bring its IT expertise to these services, and Swiss Post, as one of the largest IT service providers in Switzerland, will cover customer needs.

The agreement is set out in such a way that both companies retain their entrepreneurial freedom. It means that the agreement does not include a purchasing obligation for Swiss Post, nor a delivery obligation for Swisscom, and so both companies will continue working with both existing and new IT partners.

Tackling the shortage of IT specialists together

Swiss Post currently employs around 1,300 IT specialists, while Swisscom is one of the leading ICT companies in Switzerland. This makes Swiss Post and Swisscom clearly two of the biggest IT employers in Switzerland. Both companies are faced with the challenge of a shortage of skilled workers: Switzerland is increasingly short of IT specialists, and the battle for the very best IT talent is intensifying. Swiss Post and Swisscom see potential in this closer collaboration for building up IT capacities in certain areas together, rather than independently and in parallel, helping them to tackle the shortage of IT specialists.

This closer partnership with Swisscom will have no impact on Swiss Post’s plan to create around 200 new IT roles in Switzerland by 2030. Wolfgang Eger stresses: “We don’t want to cut any jobs. On the contrary, we want to retain our Swiss Post IT specialists, and add even more in future.”



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