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Swiss Post commits to SwissID login solution

From two to one: Swiss Post will exclusively use the SwissID login solution – which is already being used by over 1.7 million Swiss Post customers – for access to its online customer area in future. Existing logins for the “Swiss Post Customer Login” solution will be migrated to a SwissID login in stages over an extended period of time. As of 8 April 2022, customers who open a new Swiss Post user account will log in exclusively via SwissID. This step reinforces Swiss Post’s commitment to a proven application that offers more individual options for security settings and is designed to make customers’ everyday digital lives even easier. Swiss Post will discontinue the “Swiss Post Customer Login” over the coming year.

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Life is becoming increasingly digital for people in Switzerland. They are using more and more platforms and applications in their daily routines – including via their smartphones. As a result, there is growing demand for secure solutions to protect entrusted data. At the same time, keeping track of everything is proving increasingly challenging for users of digital services. Simple and secure solutions provide practical support. One such solution is SwissID, a secure and certified login that enables various online applications to be accessed – like a digital master key. With its two-factor authentication, SwissID offers an additional level of security. Users who also use the SwissID App and have activated the second factor can track their login history seamlessly, giving them control over their data.

Swiss Post is impressed by the benefits and reliability of this login solution and believes it is the best option for the public and for companies in Switzerland. For this reason, it has decided to focus solely on SwissID for login to its online services in future. As of 8 April 2022, customers who open a new Swiss Post user account will log in exclusively via SwissID. Swiss Post will discontinue “Swiss Post Customer Login”, the previous login solution, over the coming year. 

Digital gateway to the yellow world and access to over 200 online service applications

“SwissID provides us with a proven and future-oriented Swiss login solution,” says Roberto Cirillo, CEO of Swiss Post. “We want to be a trustworthy partner in the digital world, too. Our top priority is to guarantee confidentiality and security for our customers – and to provide this in applications that are also easy to use. This means that it is a logical step for Swiss Post to focus on SwissID as its login solution for the future,” says CEO Roberto Cirillo. The migration also ensures that the login solution for Swiss Post’s online services will remain within the Group in future. SwissSign, the provider of SwissID, has been wholly owned by Swiss Post since early October 2021. 

The login migration affects around 2.7 million existing Swiss Post user accounts. Starting in June 2022, Swiss Post will write individually to customers who currently use the “Swiss Post Customer Login” to notify them of the required migration to SwissID. The communication will be sent in phases over an extended period of time. This approach is designed to enable a smooth process and ensure that Swiss Post customers receive the best possible support during the changeover phase. Customers can switch to the SwissID login themselves and have 40 days to do so after receiving the notification from Swiss Post. The process is technically straightforward, quick to complete and secure. Between 200 and 300 customers with a “Swiss Post Customer Login” are already switching to SwissID every day. Over 1.7 million Swiss Post customers are now using SwissID as a digital gateway to the yellow world. What’s more: SwissID enables customers to log in not only to Swiss Post, but also to more than 200 online service applications offered by Swiss companies and public authorities – and the number is growing.

Future-oriented solution as part of “Swiss Post of tomorrow”

By committing to a single login solution for its customer area, Swiss Post is focusing consistently on its new “Swiss Post of tomorrow” strategy. It wants to support businesses and the general public with the digital transformation and will do so by continually developing its range of digital services in the coming years. By migrating to SwissID, Swiss Post is creating the optimal conditions for this development – a secure and simple login is essential to secure digital services.

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SwissSign develops SwissID on an ongoing basis

SwissSign AG is based in Opfikon (Canton of Zurich) and is a wholly-owned Swiss Post subsidiary. However, it operates principally as an independent company within Swiss Post Group. As Swiss Post’s data security specialist and a certified trust service provider, SwissSign protects all data to the highest security standards and stores the data in Switzerland. The company provides digital Swiss solutions for identity and signature services under the SwissID brand and certificate services for secure data exchange under the SwissSign brand. SwissSign is developing all aspects of its services on an ongoing basis – including security and user-friendliness. 

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