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Equal pay: Swiss Post’s commitment achieves results

Swiss Post has performed very well in a survey on equal pay for women and men. The latest salary analysis shows that the percentage value of the unexplained salary gap is well below the 5 percent tolerance threshold accepted by the Confederation across all units. The company regularly reviews salary differences.

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Swiss Post is consistently committed to equal pay. The company aims to pay equal salaries for work of equal value, regardless of the employees’ gender. The latest salary analysis shows that this commitment is paying off, with good to very good scores achieved across all units. They have low unexplained salary differences between women and men, all of which are below the Confederation’s tolerance threshold of 5 percent. “I’m personally very pleased with the results. But we aren’t satisfied yet: we want to improve even more in the future and eliminate the remaining unexplained salary differences as far as possible,” says Valérie Schelker, Head of Human Resources.

Equal pay almost achieved for around half of all employees

Swiss Post has analysed its ten largest subsidiaries in Switzerland. Swiss Post has largely eliminated the unexplained salary differences at Logistics Services (“Post CH Ltd”) and PostBus (“PostBus Ltd”). The unexplained difference is a very small 0.3 percent. This means that equal pay is now virtually a reality for around half of the Group’s 47,000 employees. The biggest discrepancy is in the key functions (“Swiss Post Ltd”), with a difference of 3.5 percent. The latest results are not fully comparable with the last audited figures from 2020 due to the reorganization of the company at the beginning of 2021. It is striking, however, that the Post Real Estate Management and Services Ltd subsidiary, which hadn’t yet attained the 2020 tolerance value, was able to improve significantly thanks to in-depth analyses and targeted measures. At 3.3 percent, it is well below the Confederation’s tolerance threshold for unexplained salary differences. Of the large Group units, only PostFinance experienced a slight increase in the pay gap despite consistent measures. The fluctuation is within the normal range of values. PostFinance’s value of 3.1 percent is still within the Confederation’s tolerance limit.

Salary transparency in job advertisements: another milestone on the road to fair pay

To help Swiss Post reduce unexplained salary differences even more, the company is relying on measures that have already been effective, such as the anonymous PostCourage reporting office, and a clear and transparent salary structure. Another milestone towards fair pay was reached in June 2023 with salary transparency in CEC job advertisements. “We’re one of the first companies in Switzerland to state the expected salary range in CEC job advertisements. We hope this will have a positive impact on equal pay and underline our commitment to fair salaries,” says Valérie Schelker.

Swiss Post closely monitors salary developments

Swiss Post reviewed equal pay for men and women using Logib, the Confederation’s standard analysis tool, for the sixth time in 2023. The results were then verified and certified by Mazars, an external company. The results of the analyses are based on salary and employee data from April 2023. They take into account personal and job-related characteristics such as years of service, education and professional position. Swiss Post closely monitors salary developments and conducts an annual gender equality analysis with Logib. The company has its results audited externally every two years. Swiss Post will publish the next audited figures in 2025.

2023 results at a glance

Company 2020 result [2] 2023 result [2] Change [3] 2023 quantitative basis
Number of men Number of women
Swiss Post Ltd (key functions) Not specified [1] –3,5% Not specified 1,832 1,078
Post CH Ltd (Logistics Services) Not specified [1] –0,3% Not specified 13,234 7,077
PostBus Ltd (PostBus) –0,7% –0,3% –0,4% 2,723 533
PostFinance Ltd (PostFinance) –2,3% –3,1% +0,8% 2,030 1,697
Post CH Network Ltd (PostalNetwork) Not specified [1] –2,3% Not specified 1,026 3,505
Post CH Communication Ltd (Communication Services) Not specified [1] –2,2% Not specified 65 36
Post Real Estate Management and Services Ltd –8,9% –3,3% –5,6% 515 438
PostLogistics Ltd +0,2% –1,3% +1,5% 269 124
Presto AG –2,8% –2,6% –0,2% 2,994 2,129
notime AG –0,4% –2,8% +2,4% 201 35

1 Swiss Post adjusted its Group structure as of 1 January 2021. Post CH Network Ltd and Post CH Communication Ltd were newly formed companies. Swiss Post Ltd and Post CH Ltd were restructured. For this reason, it isn’t possible to report on or compare the results for 2020.

2 Explanation of the “Result” columns

– means: unexplained salary differences (higher salaries for men, i.e. salary inequality to the detriment of women)

+ means: unexplained salary differences (higher salaries for women, i.e. salary inequality to the detriment of men)

3 Explanation of the “Change” column

+ means: the salary difference has increased

– means: the salary difference has decreased


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