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Swiss Post invests in digital services for business customers and acquires majority stake in communication platform SpotMe

On 3 April 2023, Swiss Post acquired a majority stake in SpotMe Holding SA, based in Lausanne. SpotMe offers digital platforms for secure and confidential communication between enterprise businesses and their customers. This technology is used to hold in-person, hybrid and virtual events, but can be used wherever high security standards are required to exchange confidential information. SpotMe employs 120 people. With the acquisition of SpotMe, Swiss Post is helping its business customers to make their communication more efficient, engaging and location-independent as part of digitization.

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By acquiring SpotMe, Swiss Post is strengthening its role as a trustworthy carrier of sensitive customer and business information, supporting companies in their digital transformation.

Growing need for secure and digital solutions among Swiss Post business customers

As a result of digitization, enterprise businesses are facing the challenge of communicating with their customers in a new way. Corporate communication has to become more efficient, engaging and location-independent. It means businesses are shifting their customer communication away from simply providing information and towards interactive, digital forms of engagement. At the same time, growing numbers of Swiss Post’s business customers require secure digital solutions to communicate with their customers. Swiss Post is an essential partner for the trustworthy transport of information between companies and their customers, and wants to keep pace with these trends by developing digital services, particularly in information and data traffic. The Federal Council has set out this requirement for Swiss Post in its strategic goals. As over the past 175 years, Swiss Post’s strength in this area lies in its reliability and trustworthiness when it comes to the handling of data and information. “The confidential transfer of data from A to B has always been part of Swiss Post’s self-perception and core mandate. The need for mail secrecy also exists in the digital world. All kinds of events play an important role in customer communication. The services provided by SpotMe will in future allow us to offer our business customers security and simplicity in this area,” says Nicole Burth, Member of Executive Management at Swiss Post and Head of the Communication Services unit.

SpotMe – a Swiss company with an international presence

SpotMe was also looking for a reliable partner. “We carefully considered who SpotMe’s future partner should be and found a fitting match in Swiss Post, a company that shares our values of reliability, trust and security. This strategic partnership is expected to provide us with significant momentum for growth, and will benefit not only our company, but also our customers on both sides,” says Pierre Metrailler, CEO of SpotMe.

Founded in 2000, the Swiss company SpotMe is an EPFL spin-off. It gives enterprise businesses the foundations for communicating with a large number of customers or employees in a secured, digital environment, as well as for exchanging corporate and customer information in a secure manner. SpotMe specializes in providing its customers with communication platforms for organizing and conducting events from one-hour webinars to large-scale, multi-day hybrid and in-person conferences. Digital communication extends beyond national borders, and SpotMe is now well-established internationally, including in the United States, Bulgaria and Singapore. The highest priority is given to data security, which is why SpotMe numbers leading enterprises among its customers, including major companies in the important pharmaceuticals, financial services and industrial sectors.

For the 120 staff at SpotMe, the acquisition will not entail any changes. They will continue to be employed by SpotMe. Nothing will change for SpotMe’s customers either as a result of the majority shareholding: the Lausanne-based company will continue to operate independently and will press ahead with its national and international expansion. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price or details of the acquisition.



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