Do a good deed with Nespresso’s “Recycling at Home”

With Nespresso’s new, free-of-charge recycling bag, you can simply dispose your used Nespresso capsules in your letter box’s storage compartment – from Monday to Friday and without a prior order. Your mail carrier then picks them up on their next round. To find out why this is not only beneficial for the environment but also for your mail carrier, read on to the end of the blog post.

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A mail carrier takes the used capsules from a letter box

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The coffee producer Nespresso is offering a new version of the “Recycling at Home” service for their aluminium capsules throughout Switzerland. Swiss Post will continue to support this scheme as logistics partner. Until now, you were required to place a new order for coffee to have your used Nespresso capsules collected by Swiss Post. This requirement no longer applies: as of now, you can simply place your used capsules in your letter box’s storage compartment – no new order is necessary. Your mail carrier will pick them up on their delivery round from Monday to Friday. The used capsules are then taken from your front door to the Eclépens letter center where they are handed over to Nespresso for recycling.

Here’s how it works

During your next visit to a Nespresso boutique, you can pick up the new white recycling bags for free. Or, when making an online order, simply place a three-pack of the “Recycling at Home” bags in your shopping basket free of charge. You can also place an order via the toll-free telephone number 0800 55 52 53. The white recycling bags can hold up to 200 empty aluminium capsules. Once your recycling bag is full, close it and place it in your letter box’s storage compartment at any time and without prior notice. Important to note: the bag’s yellow seal must protrude from the mailbox so it is clearly visible. Your mail carrier can simply pick it up on their next delivery round and send it to Nespresso for recycling. And the best part: the recycling bags and collection by your mail carrier are completely free of charge.

How your mail carrier also benefits

It is a fact that letter volumes are steadily declining due to the rise of e-mails and online messaging – in 2016 alone, volumes dropped by 3.8%. Put simply, this means your mail carrier has less and less to do. Swiss Post is therefore supplementing its core business with new services, such as “Recycling at Home”, to maintain full-time positions. Since these additional services are performed during normal rounds, letters, newspapers, small goods and promotional mailings can still be delivered punctually every time.  Who could perform this service better than Swiss Post? Our mail carriers still have contact with four million households throughout Switzerland every day from Monday and Friday.

Nespresso is not the only such service we offer. For example, we collect old clothing for Texaid and deliver online orders from Volg straight to your door.

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