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Bike to work: Swiss Post among the leaders

This year’s nationwide bike to work initiative confirmed the outstanding commitment of Swiss Post staff: 339 Swiss Post teams took part, putting us in second place behind Migros in the top 10.

Fredy Gasser

The winning image of the bike to work team photo challenge shows the team “2 Rad Raketen PF11”, as well as the tremendous enthusiasm of Swiss Post staff for the bike to work initiative. 339 teams took part, which is 69 more teams than the year before. This puts Swiss Post in second place in the top 10. A total of 1,222 people from Swiss Post took part (293 more than in 2018).

The Swiss Post teams cycled 209,203 km altogether, which is over a third more than last year.

The performance displayed by Swiss Post mail carrier Etienne Gogniat was particularly impressive.

As part of the bike to work challenge, he cycled an impressive 1,303 kilometres getting to and from work. The 54-year-old sales manager, based at the Malleray-Bévilard (BE) branch, is a real cycling enthusiast: “I’ve cycled to work every day for 12 years now”, he says, “and I cover around 10,000 kilometres a year.” His true passion, the Tour de France passes, are his next goal, he adds.

All in all, around 19,000 company teams across Switzerland, with around 72,000 participants, cycled to work as part of the bike to work challenge over the course of four weeks.

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Fredy Gasser