Check your knowledge about the «World’s best postal service»

Ludovic Cuany

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Hats off: for the third year in a row, Swiss Post has been voted best in the world. In its annual study, the Universal Postal UnionTarget not accessible has once again placed us on the top of the podium, as revealed during World Post Day. But what do you know about the “best postal agency in the world”? Put your knowledge to the test by answering the following questions! Do your answers match those of the people interviewed in our video? Find out below!

  1. What percentage of letters reach the recipient within the prescribed time frame?

    a) 75%
    b) 86%
    c) More than 97%

  2. How many parcels were transported by Swiss Post last year?

    a) 56 million
    b) 97 million
    c) 138 million

  3. How many passengers were transported by PostBus last year?

    a) 53 million
    b) 102 million
    c) 156 million

  4. How are Swiss Post’s activities funded?

    a) 100% by taxes
    b) 50% by taxes and 50% by subsidies from the Confederation
    c) 100% self-financing (except PostBus)

You will find the answers in the video below:

Video: Check your knowledge about the «World’s best postal service»

Did you deliver the goods on this Swiss Post test? Share your score.

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Ludovic Cuany

“World’s best postal service” for the third time

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