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E-mobility: the Tesla driver

Beat Jau covered the 8,500 kilometres to the North Cape using only electricity.

Sandra Gonseth

Beat Jau, Procurement Specialist at Swiss Post spent nights sleeping in his Tesla on his trip to the North Cape (Copyright: Monika Flückiger)

Jau says that he was a little nervous. As the 59-year-old headed for the only charging point anywhere in the far north, the Tesla promptly gave up the ghost. But after a call to a pleasant hotline worker in Oslo and a click in the charge pump, the charging station started working again. 

Beat Jau is responsible for IT hardware procurement at Swiss Post and is a passionate Tesla driver. Visiting the North Cape has always been his dream. He had intended to travel there by ship, but it was already fully booked. So without hesitation, he decided to cover the 8,500 kilometres using nothing but electricity with his Tesla. Range: 350 to 500 kilometres, charging time at a high-power charging station: 30 minutes. “You just need to get the timings right and balance physiological needs with charging needs”, he smiles. 

It was also a convenient choice since he spent every other night in the Tesla. The “Dreamcase” is a type of trunk that folds out into a bed in no time at all. And the electrically-powered parking heater guarantees a pleasant 18 degrees. Today, he frequently drives to work in his Tesla, which he leaves connected to the eco-power while he works. 

Tesla fan Jau is founder of the Tesla Forum and a Facebook group on the topic of e-mobility. This is now home to a large community with lively discussions. It’s handy for him that he works as part-time chauffeur for a travel company as he can try out the latest electric vehicles for his YouTube videos (another of his passions).

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Sandra Gonseth