Hiking with kids in Maggiatal

From Maggia to Someo through the spectacular meadows of the River Maggia valley floor – Elena from Family First Switzerland tested our “Someo” hiking tour and really enjoyed it.

Elena Habicher / Guest author

When it comes to hiking with kids, every age has its own challenges and difficulties to consider. Meltdowns on the trail will happen, but they won't last long if you choose a kid`s friendly track. We've had great experience choosing Diemtigtal in the "Wandererlebnisse für Familien" booklet last year (here is the link to our article), so this year, out of 8 family-friendly hikes in Switzerland we picked a remote but the most beautiful (in my opinion) destination, we went to a magic Maggiatal!

Valle Maggia is a unique alpine valley of the river Maggia in the canton of Ticino. We drove by car from Zurich and stopped at Maggia village to take a walk up to Someo. Determined make the whole way and take the loop back through the villages we hit the road. But the promised 2,5-hour-hike lasted at least 2 hours longer than expected. Our 2,5-year-old got very excited and was insisting on walking, plodding up the trail as fast as her little legs could carry her, which was still maddeningly slow. Sometimes we would still manage to put her back in the baby carrier (Note, this track is not stroller friendly), otherwise she did such a great job with almost no tears. Reaching Someo, we walked halfway to stop at the Casscata di Guimaglio waterfall and later took a bus back to Maggia.

What we loved the most about this hike was its dynamic. We walked on loose rocks and small, rocky ledges, on soft sand and on green grass, through the fairytale forest and charming stone Rustico villages. We were also excited to discover «Il fiume Maggia» park, which turned out to be very helpful to learn about the local area, Someo forest and its plants and animals. It was 30 degrees summer day, but we didn't feel the heat because almost all this time we were walking in the cool shade of the trees. The track was always different and our anticipation for new things to see and feel was just growing with every step. Our 7-year-old said: "Mama, it's the best hike we have ever done!".

The biggest highlight for all of us, of course, was swimming in the river. The water was amazing, cool but not cold, flowing quietly in small streams. It was nice and safe to swim even with our little one. It was such a unique experience, as well as enjoying the view on the countless stones lining the Maggia river, the mountains and the forest, the waterfall and the village basked green and peaceful in the late-daylight.

It was a glorious day. Our 7-year-old had hiked farther than she ever had and mostly had a blast, the little one included. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been out on the trails in that magic hour just before sunset, let alone been able to share it with my husband and my girls.

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Elena Habicher / Guest author