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#SwissDigitalDay – continuing education as an opportunity

Acquiring new skills, especially digital ones, is becoming increasingly important. This year’s Digital Day provides some insight into this.

Claudia Iraoui

Have you ever noticed? Over the past 15 years, the concept of continuing education has taken on a new meaning – it seems we constantly have to learn new things to keep pace with technological developments. Technologies are developing at lightning speed and are changing our habits. Digitization is now a constant and crucial factor in areas once inconceivable, such as politics, business, education and even sport.

To consider the impact that digitization has on our lives, the third Swiss Digital Day event (#SwissDigitalDay) is dedicated to lifelong learning (the programme can be found here). It looks at the opportunities and risks of digitization for society and individuals.

Digitization has an impact on our private lives, but also on our behaviour as consumers. The figures reveal that we are increasingly interacting with companies via interfaces on screens: we can now contact customer services via Messenger, purchase plane tickets with an app and order dinner online.

Postal services are not what they once were, either – Swiss Post has adapted its wide range of services to meet the new requirements of its customers who, in turn, benefit from the convenience of a service available 24/7.

How digital is Swiss Post? Here are some quite remarkable figures:

From A Mail to WebStamp

Swiss Post provides 63 services online. From a change of address with forwarding when moving home to managing your own mail and calculating prices, they can all be found here


As of mid-July, over 2,385,053 users had a login for Swiss Post’s online services. This equates to around 30% of the total population.

How, where and when

The most used online service by some margin is consignment tracking.

Christmas traffic

The highest number of visits to Swiss Post’s website is recorded just before Christmas: an average of 145,000 visits a day are made between 17 and 20 December.

App and go

Finding branches and letter boxes, monitoring mail, requesting stamps via SMS or sending postcards from smartphones: maybe the simplicity and convenience of Swiss Post’s app (Google Play and App Store explains why it has already been downloaded 1.5 mio. times?

written by

Claudia Iraoui

Channel Manager Digital