Roberto Cirillo: Taking the helm

Roberto Cirillo was appointed as the new CEO of Swiss Post in April. Originally from Ticino, he follows Ulrich Hurni who was interim head of Swiss Post after the departure of Susanne Ruoff in June 2018.

Alexander Volz

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Roberto Cirillo – a chief executive who likes being close to people. During his first two months at Swiss Post, he delivered letters and parcels in Thun and the surrounding area. He helped out in the Härkingen parcel center by managing sorting processes. In Zurich, he has been in close contact with the teams who supply the digital document management solution for Swiss Post’s business customers. He also stood behind the counter with staff at the branches in Lausanne and Geneva. The new CEO wants to know what it means to work on the front line at Swiss Post. And who knows, maybe you’ll meet him in person during your next visit to Swiss Post. We accompanied him during his first weeks and asked him what the following terms mean to him.

Roberto Cirillo on …

.... Swiss Post:

“It’s a unique and diverse company with a particular responsibility, and is deeply embedded in Switzerland. This should remain the case. It’s not just about economic viability though, but also the benefits to society.”

… public service:

“Swiss Post offers major added value in its public service to Switzerland. People trust us and that is invaluable. For me, public service starts with the small aspects and has a great deal of meaning to all. I am convinced that a broadly diversified, strong and self-financed Swiss Post can meet the needs of today and tomorrow. It’s in the interests of everybody that Swiss Post is successful and viable.”

... our customers:

“Our products and services need to provide tangible added value to customers – including “digital natives” and young families most of all, who will be our main customers in just a few years’ time. Our employees work towards this goal every day with a level of commitment and skill that can be sensed all around.”

… Swiss Post employees:

“Our employees are not only the face of Swiss Post – they are Swiss Post. Their experiences, knowledge and above-average commitment to customers make me confident about the future of this company.”

… the future of Swiss Post:

“We offer services of equal value throughout Switzerland to ensure everybody has the same options – in cities and in the countryside. And we support companies so they can provide their products and services efficiently to their customers. To do this, we continually adapt our services in line with the changing needs of our customers, today and tomorrow.”

Roberto Cirillo (48) grew up in Ticino, studied mechanical engineering at ETH Zurich and worked for several years at McKinsey in Zurich and Amsterdam. He lived for several years in Paris as the country manager of the service company Sodexo, after which he became CEO of the international hospital group Optegra in London. He holds Swiss and Italian citizenship and is married. He recently moved from London back to Switzerland. The new CEO speaks German, French, Italian, Spanish and English fluently.

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