Wild herbs as far as the eye can see

Healthy wild herbs are abundant in our natural surroundings. If you keep your eyes open, you can easily collect enough for a whole meal and cook yourself a delicious recipe while out hiking or once you get back home. Wild herb expert Stefanie Gross-blau gives us some tips and recipe ideas.

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Janina Gassner

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Virtually every child knows that nettles and dandelions are edible, but few people realize that our natural surroundings are full of wild herbs that are fit to eat. Many of Switzerland’s wild herbs are delicious as well as being healthy, sustainable and, of course, free.

But you do need to know certain things when collecting plants to prevent something poisonous from finding its way onto your plate, so we called in the wild herb chef and qualified instructor Stefanie Gross-blau from EMPOWERMENT for Life. We then joined Stefanie on a hike to learn more about wild herbs and their benefits.

Stefanie also gives cookery courses in her wild herb school, so we took advantage of the opportunity to cook a variety of delicious meals from the herbs we had collected.

Bon appetit!

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Janina Gassner

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