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Sandra Gonseth

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Saliou MBaye, third-year apprentice as a call center agent at PostFinance
Saliou MBaye is one of 1,900 apprentices currently training at Swiss Post. He has just started the third year of his apprenticeship as a call center agent at PostFinance. Copyright: Urs Graber

“I like it at Swiss Post,” smiles Saliou MBaye (17). He is in the third year of his apprenticeship as a call center agent at PostFinance. One of the newer apprenticeships offered by Swiss Post. Like many apprentices, he appreciates the direct relationship to practical work: “I can apply the theory right away, which is great.” With its dual vocational training system, Switzerland is a role model for many countries. “No matter where you start out from, you can end up anywhere,” explains Bruno Schumacher, Head of Vocational Training at Swiss Post. Those who start with an apprenticeship can still earn a doctorate later on.

Bruno Schumacher, Head of Swiss Post Vocational Training.
Bruno Schumacher, Head of Swiss Post Vocational Training: “If you do an apprenticeship, you can always get your PhD later.”

Support right from the start

Swiss Post is the third largest training company in Switzerland: 1,900 apprentices are currently completing their vocational training within the organization. Swiss Post also plays a pioneering role in terms of technology and innovation. It is one of the leading providers of ICT apprenticeships. Swiss Post places great value on supporting its apprentices right from the start and integrating them into the organization. This begins during an introductory week, where apprentices establish their first interdisciplinary professional contacts. There are exciting opportunities for development over the course of the apprenticeship: retail apprentices manage their own branch, while commercial apprentices group into “power teams” and run independent projects. It’s also possible to work in different language regions within Switzerland. “Although we’re a large company, our apprentices are more than just numbers,” stresses Bruno Schumacher. “We guide and support each one as an individual.” This is demonstrated by the programme’s success: over 98 percent of young professionals who complete their vocational training at Swiss Post pass their diploma, giving them the best possible start to their professional future.

Did you know that Swiss Post…

  • is the third largest training company in Switzerland?
  • is currently training 1,900 apprentices?
  • takes on 750 new apprentices per year across all language regions?
  • offers 17 different career pathways?
  • regularly introduces new career pathways, such as the Federal VET Diploma in ICT, the Federal VET Diploma for call center agents and the Federal VET Diploma for automation technicians (3 years, from 2021)?
  • was able to fill most apprenticeships in 2020?
  • has a success rate of 98 percent among its apprenticeship graduates?
  • receives interest in continued employment from 70 percent of its apprenticeship graduates? Of these, 80 percent are retained (as at 2019).
  • has three particularly popular career pathways: the Federal VET Diploma in distribution logistics, the Federal VET Diploma in retail, and the Federal VET Diploma in commerce?
  • guarantees a competitive salary?
  • offers attractive working conditions and a GA travelcard?

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