Coronavirus: newspapers and food given priority

Owing to the strained situation in terms of resources at PostMail, it’s not always possible to deliver all products every day. What is Swiss Post doing to protect customers and employees? And how are mail carriers dealing with the current situation?

Sandra Gonseth

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Judith Lehmann

Judith Lehmann, Vocational Trainer / Deputy Team Leader at the Burgdorf delivery point

“I’m under a lot of pressure as our team leader is in the at-risk group and is staying at home. The greatest challenge is planning the shifts. Our team is well organized and team spirit is strong. The uncertainty as to how the situation will change in the future is quite daunting. I’m pleased I can ride my horse to unwind.”

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Since mid-March, the situation has been changing daily and differs from one region another. If a team drops out or a round is cancelled, a solution is organized for the next day. Many employees have to stay away from the workplace due to illness, because they have to look after their children or because they are in an at-risk group.

There is great demand from business customers for rapid communication and A Mail has increased. Events and general meetings are being cancelled and schools and employers are sending out important documents. Private customers also sent a lot of letters within Switzerland in March.

Home deliveries of regional products and fresh bread from the bakery (Brot-PostTarget not accessible) are also proving very popular. Owing to the strained situation in terms of resources, it’s not always possible to deliver all products every day. Priority is being given to daily newspapers and food deliveries.

PM teams are providing support with parcel sorting and delivery

PostMail has nevertheless recorded an above-average fall in the volume of consignments: lots of advertising mailshots, free newspapers and debt collection procedures have been temporarily suspended while imports of letters and small goods has fallen by half. The letter centers are using the free capacity to sort parcels, and the mail carriers at PostMail are delivering up to 200,000 parcels a day.

Protecting customers and employees

  • Signature by mail carriers instead of customers
  • Distance between mail carriers and customers
  • Some work is being staggered in acceptance / sorting and delivery

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Sandra Gonseth