From postcards to wedded bliss

The most wonderful story in Catherine and Roger’s lives began with an exchange of postcards rather than a face-to-face encounter. The couple got to know each other five years ago through the Postcrossing postcard project and are now married.

Sandra Gurtner

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Catherine and Roger’s wedding photo
Catherine and Roger met and fell in love by exchanging postcards. Copyright: Anne Rachel Photographies

In 2005, Paulo Magalhães from Portugal founded the Postcrossing postcard exchange project for one simple reason – he wanted to receive more postcards. His modest wish has now grown into a huge international network that connects over 800,000 people in more than 200 countries. At, the addresses of registered users are matched to other postcard enthusiasts using a random generator. Everyone who sends a postcard to an address matched to them also receives one back in return.

Love found unexpectedly in the letter box

Catherine and Roger got to know each other through one of these Postcrossing postcards. In July 2015, Catherine’s card from Cholet in France dropped into Roger’s letter box in Zofingen. The pair struck up an instant rapport and continued writing to each other. The postcards were followed by letters. After a few Skype conversations, the postcard fans finally met face to face on the ski slopes in Switzerland. Catherine moved to Switzerland four years ago, and Roger proposed to her in February 2017 – by postcard, of course. And now they’ve tied the knot. While the wedding invitations themselves weren’t postcards, Catherine and Roger did ask their guests to reply by postcard. They received over 200 beautiful cards, which they used as place cards at the wedding. To top off this remarkable love story, Catherine gave birth to a daughter in February 2019 – and their little girl will one day undoubtedly enjoy sending and receiving postcards, too.

An illustration showing the global exchange of postcards in a light-hearted way.
The postcard trend is still going strong in 2020. Copyright: Blog Postcrossing

No one-off

Paulo Magalhães, who founded Postcrossing, explains that the postcard exchange often leads to enduring friendships. He knows hundreds of stories of people who have met one another in this way, established friendships and then met up in person at some point. Postcrossing members regularly organize meetings all over the world and occasionally travel across the globe to meet up with other members. Sometimes even at unusual places, such as on remote islands, trains or boats. At other times, Postcrossing groups, who keep in touch online, all meet up at the same time to say hello.

World Postcard Day

As of this year, the Postcrossing organization is also honouring the postcard with its own special day: World Postcard Day takes place on 1 October and celebrates the feeling of joy people experience when a postcard suddenly drops into their letter box. Whether handwritten or designed using personal photos via the PostCard Creator App – a postcard is sure to delight its recipient. What’s more, anyone seeking inspiration for the right words will find plenty of interesting and practical pointers about writing at

The World Postcard Day logo
1 October is World Postcard Day. Copyright: Postcrossing

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