The younger generation: how mail carriers tick as customers

What are your expectations as a young customer?

Sandra Gonseth

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Amanda Bickel, aged 30, Market Manager at PostFinance, Berne, six years at Swiss Post, most frequently used apps: WhatsApp and Instagram

“To better understand the requirements of our target groups, we find out about the current trends directly from young people themselves. We recently invited them to discuss with us their concerns and things they would like to see happen. Major trends, such as sustainability, are a common denominator, but not necessarily in the banking sector. Personally speaking, products and processes should be straightforward and easy to understand because I don’t like reading instructions. Quality and longevity matter a great deal, and waste is a major issue.”

Mattia Amato (29), software engineer, Swiss Post IT, Bellinzona, seven years at Swiss Post, most frequently used apps: WhatsApp and Facebook

“The two key issues for me as a customer in relation to companies are privacy and economic, social and environmental sustainability. You must be able to contact companies via an app or website today. Problems can ideally be resolved via digital channels. For example, I found the chatbot of a well-known company on Facebook – which I used before Christmas – fantastic. I answered a few questions about my Dad and the chatbot suggested some gift ideas. The gift I eventually chose went down very well indeed.”

Joel Dätwyler (29), vocational trainer at PostMail, Aarau, 13 years with Swiss Post, most frequently used apps: WhatsApp and SRF news

“As a customer I don’t want to take anything other than my smartphone with me when I leave the house. Paying at the checkout, automatic ticketing for events or airline tickets and storing the GA Travelcard all work reasonably well. On my travels in Asia, I was constantly reminded how advanced the big cities are over there: everything’s done via smartphone – there’s no need for a wallet. Swiss Post is playing a pioneering role with TWINT, and that’s great.”

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Pictures: Monika Flückiger

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Sandra Gonseth