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How we’re protecting ourselves and customers in our branches

Plexiglas screens, reorganized furniture, cordons and social distancing: life with coronavirus is creating new challenges for you as customers, as well as for our colleagues in the branches. The priority is to protect everyone’s health.

Ines Schumacher

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An employee selling stamps.

“Everyday life has changed a lot,” says Leonora Shefkiu from the Sihlpost branch in Zurich. This is due to social distancing and changes in our set-up: blocked-off areas, floor markings and the covered product range from complementary business. Just like elsewhere, at the Lausanne St. François branch a colleague stands at the entrance to make sure that there are not too many people in the branch at once, explains Karen Garcia. “There are more rules to follow, but I don’t find it hard to observe them,” says Sandra Ricci from the Lugano Molino Nuovo branch. “Especially because it’s a matter of protecting my health and the health of colleagues and customers.”

Protection for everyone

For her own protection, Leonora Shefkiu washes her hands every 30 minutes and keeps her workplace clean. The procedure is already well established: employees at the counter stand back while you hand in your letter or parcel, and only step up to the counter again once customers have retreated behind the floor marking. Sufficient quantities of disinfectant are also available everywhere.

Thank you for your patience and understanding

“Most customers know exactly how to behave,” says Karen Garcia. They realize that the unusual measures are for their own protection, adds her colleague Sandra Ricci. However, some customers are not used to the new situation yet.

We therefore ask you to:

  • Show patience and understanding for our situation.
  • Follow the instructions of our colleagues, who will be happy to help you.

We request that older customers in particular stay at home. “We offer a great many products and services online, so it’s not necessary to come into a branch,” says Leonora. “Customer Service is doing an extraordinary job of answering questions.” Sandra Ricci points out another alternative: “Older customers can also ask a family member to carry out their postal transactions for them.”

We all help each other.

Karen Garcia, Lausanne St. François

I make sure that the FOPH regulations are met.

Sandra Ricci, Lugano Molino Nuovo
Sandra Ricci at work.

We’ve modified the counter area to protect customers and our colleagues.

Leonora Shefkiu, Sihlpost, Zurich
Leonora Shefkiu at work.

written by

Ines Schumacher