More girl power, please!

Unfortunately, women are still a minority in tech traineeships. At the WeTechTogether event, I found out why this is the case and why changing the status quo is in the interests of companies.

Monserrat Nuñez Cuevas
Monserrat Nuñez Cuevas smiles at the camera.

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Monserrat Nuñez Cuevas along with another lady. Both are wearing yellow face masks.

The WeTechTogether eventTarget not accessible took place at the Technopark in Zurich on 3 October. The event gives women who are working or interested in tech jobs the opportunity to network with like-minded people and companies. As speakers, they also get the chance to present themselves and their jobs to inspire other women to take an interest in tech topics. Besides the talks, participants can also attend workshops and visit various stands. Swiss Post was at the event too, and gave two fascinating workshops on splunk data analyticsTarget not accessible.

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I found this event really interesting. Firstly because I’m a woman and, secondly, because I believe we at Swiss Post have a great deal to offer women. Let’s not forget that Swiss Post is Switzerland’s third largest IT employer and we place great emphasis on diversity and inclusion. We’ve even got a dedicated department, and support various internal and external networks that our employees can join.

Monserrat Nuñez Cuevas in exchange with two other women.

A different perspective

I talked to lots of female participants during the day. I was really surprised to hear two completely different perspectives. On one hand, I was told that, despite all the efforts being made, women often still face gender discrimination, inequality and under-representation. On the other, I often heard that women play an extremely important role in IT: “Men can benefit a great deal by learning from women. They’re better at communicating. Women bring a fresh outlook and balance to the team and help create a good atmosphere. They often see things that men don’t.” The best moment for me personally was a remark by one male participant: “I perform better at work thanks to women.”

Achieving the impossible

It’s true that men and women aren’t alike in every way. But one thing’s for certain – they complement and support one another and are more successful together as a result. The world of work should not differentiate between the genders, but instead harness these differences for the benefit of both staff and companies alike. It’s vital if we are to attract more women to careers in IT and tech.

Even though there are more women in IT jobs today than in the past, there’s still a long way to go. If you’re a woman reading this blog post and you’re uncertain whether an IT or tech career is right for you, I’d encourage you to be bold, give it a go and believe in yourself! Tech is extremely diverse and you’re bound to find your own niche. And most important of all – the IT world needs you and Swiss Post is waiting for you.

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