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At Christmastime, handwritten items are even more personal and valuable than ever. But what do you do when you’re sitting in front of a blank sheet of paper and your mind has suddenly gone blank?

Gabriel Ehrbar

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A study by Britain’s Royal MailTarget not accessible shows that 75 percent of people prefer a “real” Christmas card to an e-mail or a message on social media. For most people, Christmas is a special event. A handwritten card is therefore seen as a sign of a high level of appreciation and as evidence that the sender has taken time and really made an effort. But what should you write to ensure the recipient’s eyes sparkle when they read the message? Have you ever settled down at the table with pen, paper and a cup of coffee or a hot chocolate, only to stare at the fresh page and find your mind has gone blank? To ensure this doesn’t happen when writing your Christmas cards, we’ve got a few handy tips for you.

Create the right environment

You need to concentrate when writing individual Christmas wishes. You could light a candle, for example, and listen to a little Christmas music. This will surely help you to think and reflect. Don’t wait until the day before Christmas to write your cards. Time pressure definitely won’t help.

Be honest and evoke emotions

The nicest surprise at Christmastime is to hear honest and caring words from a loved one. If the person is not expecting it and you’ve never said how much he or she means to you, it’s wonderful to put these emotions into words, especially at Christmas.

Tell your own very personal Christmas story

Tell a little story about how you’re preparing for Christmastime and what you’re most looking forward to. As we all have our little rituals, you can use this opportunity to give an interesting personal insight and share Christmas joy.

Say thank you

Christmas is the time for honest words and gratitude. So why not say thank you instead of just expressing wishes? Your family and friends are very important in your life, so show them your appreciation and thank them for always being there for you.

Reflect on the year

The year is coming to a close, so think back over recent events while writing your card. This will be sure to give you a few nice ideas.

Give your Christmas mail the right tone

To a certain extent, cards and stamps are the foundation for festive Christmas mail. That’s why Swiss Post is giving you a set of three Christmas cards with envelopes, two of which are already franked. The Christmas cards feature images of “magical” snow globes. They tell little stories, taking you into another world – a world full of inspiration and reflection. You can order the card sets free of charge at You can also find more Christmas cards and matching stamps at What’s more, for each sheet of Christmas stamps, Swiss Post will also give you festive stickers to decorate your letters.

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Merry Christmas – and many sparkling pairs of eyes!

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Gabriel Ehrbar