The “Swiss Post of tomorrow” in 6 videos: one Swiss Post for a modern Switzerland

The aim of the “Swiss Post of tomorrow” is to serve a modern Switzerland. How does Swiss Post put this principle into practice. You can find the answers in the videos.

Ludovic Cuany

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Society is constantly changing. Habits, behaviours and sensitivities evolve over time. To respond to these changes and to continue providing a high-quality public service, Swiss Post is adapting to meet your needs and expectations. What does that involve? Find out more in the videos.

“Size 76? How we’re reducing our ecological footprint.”

The fight against climate change is a long-term struggle. As the country’s largest logistics company, it’s Swiss Post’s responsibility to play an active role in this fight. By 2030, your mail will be entirely green.

“Had enough? We’ll take you away from here.”

This year, we’ve rediscovered the beauty of our own country. Do you want to go for a hike or discover a city, but don’t have your own means of transport? We make it possible. We connect Switzerland, from North to South and East to West. Intelligently and resourcefully.

“Not at the taxpayer’s expense! Swiss Post finances itself out of its own pocket.”

“These changes are going to cost me a lot of money…” Is that what you’re thinking? Well, you’re wrong. We’re shaping the public service of the future using our own financial resources. The watchword is innovation.

“We don’t mind where and who you are. You’re in the right place with us.”

Are you a night owl? Adept at all things digital? A fan of the good old yellow pages? Whatever your profile or preferences, you can easily access our services – anytime, anywhere and even on demand.

“Do you read messages from people you don’t know? Neither do we.”

“Top secret!” What’s private and confidential has to stay that way. We’ve been helping you in this respect for over 170 years. We now also support you in the digital world in a number of different areas.

“Think you haven’t changed? We think you have.”

“Can I pay with TWINT? “ My parcel has just arrived! I’ve just received a notification.” “Nowadays I buy my travel tickets online. It’s simple and eco-friendly.” So many things have changed, but perhaps you haven’t noticed all that much. We support you in each of your (new) daily habits.

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written by

Ludovic Cuany