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Why Swiss Post is investing in “Bring!”

Swiss Post investing in successful shopping app "Bring!" The reason for the investment and the importance of start-up support and collaboration for Swiss Post is explained by Thierry Golliard, Head of Open Innovation and Venturing, in the latest episode of the InnoPodcast.

Janina Gassner

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The "Bring!" app on a cell phone.

“Bring!” is one of the most successful shopping apps in the German-speaking region. It registers millions of user interactions each month. The core function of the app is the digital sharing of shopping lists. Furthermore, it also includes inspirational recipes and personalised promotional offers. “Bring!” is available in both the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

“Bring!” recently completed a successful round of financing to the tune of 4 million francs. Swiss Post is included in the list of well-known investors. “For us, this investment case presents major potential for a strategic collaboration”, says Thierry Golliard, Head of Open Innovation and Venturing, in the latest episode of the InnoPodcast, and explains what sets “Bring!” apart and why Swiss Post has chosen to invest in the company. The app is already the tenth investment for Swiss Post Ventures. 
Thierry Golliard explains what he and his team pay attention to when scouting start-ups and during a due diligence check. He also provides an insight into how start-up partnerships are supported at Swiss Post – beyond investments – on a national and international level. The entire Swiss Post Ventures portfolio can be found here.

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