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Write a letter to Santa!

Santa Claus has got a lot to do at Christmas. He delivers presents to children all over the world and really makes their eyes light up. Santa will be delighted if you write to him. He’ll certainly reply – and will even have a little surprise for you.

Gabriel Ehrbar

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How are you? Are you looking forward to Christmas? Me? I can’t wait. I’ve really got a lot to do at the moment. I can hardly sleep, thinking about all the presents I’ll have to deliver around the world. But it doesn’t matter as it’s so nice when you can bring happiness to someone’s life.

Do you know what makes me really happy? That a lot of children write to me every day. And they don’t just write. Many of them make something nice as well. Five-year old Anja made me a nativity scene. It was lovely with straw and a little donkey, and I was delighted to receive it. Children send me a lot of drawings, too. And the envelopes are often decorated as well. Little Pascal stuck snowflakes and tiny figures on his envelope – even Rudolph, my reindeer, was on there!

We get much more besides. Yesterday, I received a beautiful silhouette in the post. I wonder if six-year old Max’s mum or dad helped him make it? Sometimes the children also send me sweets and mince pies. Then I’ll usually sit by the fire in the evening, and enjoy them with a mug of tea. I always smile when a parcel arrives for us containing a dummy from a small child, who promises to stop sucking it.

What do you like doing? What’s your favourite game? What would you really like? Perhaps a computer game, a bike, or simply to stay healthy and happy? Write a letter and tell me – I’d be really happy to hear from you. I’ll certainly send you a reply. And the best thing of all is that every letter will contain a little surprise for you.

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Be good and have a wonderful Christmas!


P.S. Please don’t forget to write the sender’s address on the envelope. Otherwise the elves and I won’t be able to reply to your letters.

written by

Gabriel Ehrbar