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A clear message to the art world

A blank piece of canvas stands out among our array of otherwise colourful stamps. What’s it all about?

Inari Kirchhofer

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It feels odd rubbing your fingertip across the new special stamp. Why? Because it’s not printed on paper, but on canvas. There is no particular design – and that’s the whole point. The focus is on canvas as the classic backcloth for paintings and as a symbol in general. Because it’s blank, it represents art not yet created – perhaps due to a lack of funding. With its special stamp, Swiss Post is highlighting the importance of Swiss artistic creativity. At the same time, it is focusing on its traditional commitment to art, which is something it wants to draw public attention to.

Promoting art at a grassroots level

This is why Swiss Post came up with a new art strategy in 2020, which, in addition to covering art collection and art in architecture, is now also emphasizing art in the periphery. Swiss Post is looking to forge partnerships with “art events in the periphery”. Temporary art events along this line tend to be held out in the open, bring artists together and encourage people to exchange ideas. Through this innovative commitment, Swiss Post is promoting art at a grassroots level and conveying its values. This is because, throughout its history, Swiss Post has always been committed to the Swiss regions and, as a partner for communication, transport and finance, it helps bring people in the country together.

written by

Inari Kirchhofer