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GHOST Festival – the festival that will never happen

How many festivals or concerts have you been to over the past year? Probably not many. The music sector has been suffering for almost a year due to the pandemic – GHOST Club seeks to draw attention to this situation and provide some help to music industry workers: by organising a festival that will not take place on 27 and 28 February.

Carmen Fusco

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Hundreds of artists from all over Switzerland grace the line-up of the unique festival that will not take place. The purpose of the event is to raise money from ticket and merchandise sales to support all the participating artists. Day passes are available from CHF 20. Equipe Volo, an institution for the social and professional integration of young people in Biel, is preparing to send out the tickets.

Stefanie Heinzmann and Make Plain are part of the project.

Stefanie Heinzmann

The pop and soul singer from Valais has set many a stage shaking and heart racing.

“I found the idea incredibly creative – festivals are something we all miss a lot. I found it so creative to announce a festival that all of us from the music industry can take part in, but ultimately not actually appear at! It sends an important message and, above all, it shows how important it is to support this industry. I’m in a privileged position: I can work as a singer, record an album, be part of television programmes – but all the people who make this possible for me are practically unemployed. I’m thinking of all the technicians, musicians, bar owners, event organizers, caterers and everyone else involved in the industry.”

What is Stefanie hoping for when the festival is over? “I hope a lot of people will have bought tickets! I hope that a lot of donations will have been collected, which will ultimately be distributed to precisely those people who are currently so neglected: to all cultural workers.”

Go here (MP3, 2.8 MB) to listen to Stefanie’s statement.

Make Plain

Vocals combined with two guitars, piano, harmonica and drums – that’s the sound of folk duo Make Plain from Ticino. The two young men have released two albums since 2012 and given over 300 performances.

“The first time we heard about the GHOST Festival, it immediately seemed like a great idea. It sends a very strong message of solidarity. In these bizarre times, artists really are like ghosts. They’re heard on the radio, or can only be seen on a screen. Pale and faded – just like ghosts!”

“We decided to support this initiative because we believe it’s extremely important to show a united front. Apart from being fed up, people are excited by the idea of a return to everyday life without having to worry ... for example by going to Switzerland’s biggest festival – the GHOST Festival! Seeing such unity and solidarity gives us hope that we’ll soon be able to play and listen to music again and go to live shows, up close with everyone together!”

Want to hear Make Plain for yourself? Then order the CD “The GHOST Orchestra” – 187 Bands from the line-up interpret the ghosts of this time!

P.S.: On the festival weekend we will have a surprise on Snapchat: Discover the GHOST Festival filter and share it with your network!

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Carmen Fusco