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InnoPodcast: DNA in sheep’s clothing

DNA not only helps convict criminals, it can also show us whether a new jumper is actually made of sustainably produced wool. Haelix CEO and co-founder Michela Puddu tells us how it works.

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Whether it’s hybrid cars, re-utilizing recyclable material, separation of waste... we’re all making a huge effort to take more care of our environment. Producers of consumer goods are aware of this and are increasingly focusing on offering sustainably produced goods. But how can a fabric producer in Switzerland, for instance, really be sure where their yarn comes from and whether all production standards are actually being met?

The magic word is DNA – we’re familiar with it when it comes to convicting criminals based on the smallest particles or determining the breed of a newly adopted street dog from Portugal. Haelixa uses DNA to determine the origin of things such as fabric materials, precious stones or even food, and to verify the authenticity of the goods for those offering them. In the latest episode of the InnoPodcast, Michela Puddu, CEO and co-founder of Haelixa, tells us what it takes, who is using this opportunity and how to put together the perfect team for such a company.

Michela Puddu studied material design in Rome. She then completed her PhD in Chemical Engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) as part of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship. Just a few months later, she became co-founder of Haelixa, with the aim of making our world a little bit better.


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