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InnoPodcast: Delivering Authentic Swiss Experiences

For Swiss people, the best thing about travelling is coming home. After all, we don’t last very long without "Rösti”, Swiss chocolate and raclette! Just imagine how all those expats, long-term travellers and fondue lovers abroad must feel. Julie Mackmood and her team at the Swiss Authentic Shop came up with a great solution.

Carmen Fusco

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A study of 400 Swiss expats in France, the UK, Germany and the USA revealed that Swiss products are missed. This was the motivation Julie Mackmood and her team needed to launch an online shop delivering the authentic tastes: the Swiss Authentic Shop. A slice of Switzerland, a piece of home and a little reminder of those wonderful skiing holidays – delivered straight to where you live. In this episode of the InnoPodcast, Julie explains how she pitched the shop to a number of partners, including Kambly, Coop, Migros and Zweifel. How do you make ideas and projects a reality in such a huge company? But also, how did Julie and her team attract interest and generate more than 120 sales within two and a half months?

Julie Mackmood is Project Manager of the Swiss Authentic Shop, which is part of Swiss Post’s EspaceLab. Born in the UK, Julie has already spent time living in the Netherlands, Belgium, Texas and Switzerland. She obtained her Master’s degree in Manchester and started her career as a software engineer with IBM. She has been with Swiss Post since 2013 and is now head of the Logistics Services Innovation team, alongside her jobsharing partner, Nicole Steck.

PS: After this podcast was recorded, the team at the Swiss Authentic Shop was given the go-ahead for the next phase of their project. We’re excited to see where the initiative goes next. Register here to make sure you don’t miss out on the reopening of the shop!


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