Roberto Cirillo: “We are relevant for Switzerland”

For the fifth time in a row, the Universal Postal Union has named Swiss Post the world’s best postal service, ahead of Germany (2nd place) and Austria (3rd).

Martin Clausen

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The illustration shows a trophy with the number 1 and the swiss post's logo.

9 October has officially been World Post Day since 1969, the year of the first manned moon landing. The Universal Postal Union (UPU), based in Bern, introduced it to highlight the importance of postal companies.

This year, for the fifth consecutive time, it has named Swiss Post the “world’s best postal service”. Out of the 168 postal companies ranked, Germany took second place, while Austria was third.

In the video, Swiss Post CEO Roberto Cirillo explains why the company is relevant for the Swiss population and the Swiss economy every day - especially during the pandemic.

written by

Martin Clausen