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Encompassing the environment, economy, social affairs and art, sustainability is an extremely diverse and multifaceted issue. All of this can be examined in a playful way on the new sustainability stamp. We asked passers-by about the importance of sustainability in their everyday lives.

Claudia Iraoui

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As a company, Swiss Post is aiming to be climate-neutral by 2040: whether it’s electrification, the addition of vehicles with alternative drives to the PostBus fleet, PET recycling during delivery rounds, or CO2 offsetting with “pro clima” delivery: Sustainability plays a central role at Swiss Post. The receipt on request policy reduces unnecessary paper consumption. The tried-and-tested PostPac is made of climate-neutral recycling cardboard, is reusable, and can be folded in no time.

24 words

The company is stepping up its commitment to sustainability with a new stamp. This postage stamp is the result of a design competition organized by Swiss Post in conjunction with the Bern University of the Arts. Twenty-two highly dedicated students of the Visual Communication course were given the task of presenting various dimensions of sustainability in a stamp design. The winning design shows letters and numbers on 15 lines. It aims to encourage people to engage with the image by searching for words. As well as the already circled word “HELVETIA” and the face value “100”, 24 other German, French and Italian words related to sustainability are hidden in the puzzle. How many words can you find? Enter the competition now!

The postage stamp is available in all Swiss Post branches and at postshop.ch


“Sustainability” competition prizes

1st prize:
Bamboo bicycle worth CHF 1,478 + “Sustainability” sheet of stamps
2nd prize:
PubliBike subscription “B-More” worth CHF 179 + “Sustainability” sheet of stamps
3rd prize:
PubliBike subscription “B-Fit” worth CHF 99 + “Sustainability” sheet of stamps
4th and 5th prize:
Laptop case worth CHF 38.25 + “Sustainability” sheet of stamps

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To be entered in the draw, answer the following question correctly and complete the form. Good luck!

The winner will be selected after the entry deadline has passed on 30 June 2021.

Competition question
  • What sustainability-related words are hidden on the postage stamp?
Contact details
  • We’d like to notify you if you are one of the lucky winners. Indicatey your name and address.

written by

Claudia Iraoui

Channel Manager Digital