Swiss Post employees are satisfied with their employer

73 percent of employees took part in the employee survey this year. The values remain high, and even indicate a slight improvement overall. The team, direct manager and personal commitment are rated particularly highly. 

Cornelia Magnin

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Swiss Post employees

Despite coronavirus-related challenges and organizational changes due to the new strategy, Swiss Post employees are satisfied to very satisfied with their employer overall. This is shown by the results of this year’s employee survey. 31,663 employees took part, with a pleasing response rate of 73 percent.

The topic “My direct manager” achieved the highest positive rating with 84 out of 100 points, followed by “My team” with 81 points (+1 point compared to the previous year). The employees surveyed feel respected in the team as well as supported and valued by their direct manager, in whom they place their trust. The topic “My commitment” achieved a high score of 79 points, as did “My work” with 78 points – both scores are at the same high level as in 2020.

Valérie Schelker, Head of Human Resources and Member of Executive Management

 Head of Human Resources Valérie Schelker
Valérie Schelker

Why does Swiss Post conduct an employee survey every year?

The employee survey is a barometer, provides an opportunity for feedback and is a valuable guide for our company. The feedback is important, especially in turbulent times, and helps us see what areas require attention and where to take the necessary measures. I really appreciate the fact that so many employees took the time to complete the survey.

Which values did not produce satisfactory results?

The question regarding job insecurity shows a negative development in comparison to the previous year. Around half of the respondents feel uncertain about what their jobs will look like in the future. This result must be seen in the context of “Swiss Post of tomorrow” – i.e. the new strategy and reorganization – as well as in the context of coronavirus and social and economic development. We need to continue monitoring this and provide guidance. At the same time, 88 percent of participants see a professional future for themselves at Swiss Post and 93 percent feel proud to work at Swiss Post.

And which results were you particularly pleased with?  

There are two: the value concerning mutual respect in the team and the question of whether employees see their work as meaningful. At 86 points, both of them received very good ratings. An appreciative and constructive working environment, as well as meaningful work, are two very important pillars for our employees that contribute to their enjoyment in coming to work every day. I’m convinced that our customers also benefit from this.

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Cornelia Magnin