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Six reasons why you need the new ePost app

ePost, the new digital letter box, will be launched on 1 July. The new app will allow you to receive and process post from several companies all in one place. We explain why you now need the new app, even if you already do your office work digitally on your desktop.

Stefan Kern

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Screenshot of the ePost app.

1. ePost is more than just an app

The new ePost app allows customers to organize their office files digitally in a single location, making documents easy to find and always available in a pocket-sized format. It can be used to digitally receive and process mail from companies such as insurers, banks and public authorities. Invoices, for example, can be paid directly via the app. With the app, it’s also possible to organize documents and scan physical mail using the camera. In short, the app is a digital letter box and office in one.

To this end, the current E-Post world of products is being revamped. The previous E-Post services, “E-Post Office” and “Subscription with scanning”, will be retired. However, with the new ePost app, letter mail can still be delivered digitally.

2. One login instead of several customer portals

The ePost app is a veritable ecosystem that is available to companies and public authorities for communication with customers. Companies that already provide their customers with documents in a portal can now send these via the ePost app. Instead of logging into several platforms, users can now retrieve their documents in one portal.

3. The range of services is constantly being expanded

ePost is just the beginning: new functions and partners are constantly being added. It will initially launch with a handful of companies (Credit Suisse, Vaudoise, Tax Office of the Canton of Lucerne, Fédération des Entreprises Romandes). The aim is to continuously expand the range of services. This not only relates to the number of participating companies gradually being brought on board, but also the expansion of the app features themselves.

Screenshot of the ePost app.

4. Free to download

The new app is now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The ePost app is free of charge. Only additional features such as the scanning service are subject to a charge, as was already the case with the previous E-Post Office. Find out more about the new ePost app and download it at not accessible.

5. Swiss Post on the outside, KLARA on the inside

Behind the new ePost app are the resourceful developers at KLARA, a Lucerne-based digital services company. Swiss Post has been a majority shareholder in this IT solutions specialist since 2020. KLARA is experienced in programming modular, cloud-based and intuitive solutions. More than 25,000 SMEs are already using the services provided by KLARA.

6. Security is a surety

The ePost app is bound by Swiss Post’s IT and data security standards. All data remains in Switzerland. There is multi-stage verification and login. The documents are encrypted, meaning that only logged-in users can view and edit the content. Mail secrecy is guaranteed even in the digital world.

By virtue of the new strategic focus "Swiss Post of tomorrow", Swiss Post is aiming to provide significant support to the Swiss economy and population, particularly in the SME and private customer sectors, with regard to digital transformation. Swiss Post is walking the talk with the new app.

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Stefan Kern