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“Learning from the Earth” – children’s letter art competition

Children can also do art! And they can prove it by taking part in the design competition organized by Art Safiental and Swiss Post. The task is to design an original art envelope. The main prize is a family weekend in the Safiental.

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Every two years, an international outdoor exhibition on the latest trends in land and environmental art is held in the Safiental (canton of Graubünden). The theme this year is “Learning from the Earth”. Based on this theme, artists create temporary works in dialogue with the landscape, most of which are set up outdoors. They are shown across the entire Safiental over a distance of 25 km or an area of 150 km2. The artworks can be viewed freely and free of charge from 23 October 2022.

Swiss Post is a partner of Art Safiental as part of its commitment to “Art in the periphery”. They are jointly launching a children’s letter art competition , initiated by Trogen artist H.R. Fricker.

Competition task

Children are asked to design artistic envelopes that highlight the theme “Learning from the Earth” in an impressive and eye-catching way. There are no limits to their creativity: the art envelope can be produced using any colours, techniques and materials. Specified format: C4 (22.9 x 32.4 cm), max. width 1 cm.

The colourful artworks are sent by post from all over Switzerland to the sparsely populated Safiental in the Graubünden mountains. Closing date: 3 June 2022 The jury there, comprising students from the Safiental valley, will select the 200 most beautiful art letters and appraise them in the age categories A (6–9 years) and B (10–12 years). The artworks will be put on display in the valley’s guest houses throughout the exhibition period.

Conditions of participation and prizes

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