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Six reasons why you shouldn’t fear digitization

Can Swiss Post simply collect and pass on your data? Is there some way for you to control what it does with your digital information? Secure and trustworthy data handling is very important to Swiss Post.

Carmen Fusco

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As in the analogue world, the digital sphere poses many dilemmas. What are the rights and wrongs of handling data? Swiss Post has explored this issue extensively and defined six key principles on which its digital policy is based.

1. Unauthorized collection, processing and transfer of data – an absolute taboo

Transparency is crucial. Collecting data without the knowledge of our service users is unthinkable. And if they entrust their digital information to Swiss Post, we do everything we can to protect it and guarantee its security. This prevents any unauthorized persons from reading the data, processing it or even passing it on.

2. Just like in sport – fair play for everyone

Inclusion doesn’t simply mean involving as many people as possible in the physical world. Swiss Post also endeavours to achieve inclusion in the digital world, ensuring that everyone can use its services as accessibly and easily as possible. The aim is to provide customers with as much added value as we can through our digital services and solutions.

3. Remaining in charge of your own data

Is data distributed arbitrarily like hot cakes without the Swiss public being able to have a say? Absolutely not, as far as we’re concerned! Swiss Post’s policy is to give users the freedom to decide what happens. They decide what data can be used and for which purposes. Swiss Post deploys models and technologies that aim to use data sparingly or to avoid having to access it at all.

4. Open, clear and transparent

In future, all users will be informed of data use in a clear, transparent way – without using complex technical jargon. They’ll be notified of the purpose of data collection, which data is actually being used and, wherever relevant, which partners Swiss Post works with.

5. Everything under control

What happens to your data? Where is it stored? Data processing must be transparent to users. Various checks and clear lines of responsibility are designed to ensure that Swiss Post meets its ethical standards in the digital world at all times.

6. Have your say!

Who determines Swiss Post’s ethical principles? You can have a say, too! All of Swiss Post’s stakeholders will be involved in defining its ethical principles in future. Swiss Post believes that an honest debate about digital ethics cannot just take place within the company.

In short: Swiss Post is working hard to explore how principles of digital ethics can be applied to create added value for everyone. It wishes to play a pioneering role within Switzerland in this respect, so that its customers can rely on it to handle their data in a secure and trustworthy manner.

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