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How much do you know about diversity at Swiss Post?

Switzerland is a diverse country. And Swiss Post is equally diverse with its nearly 47,000 staff. In our quiz, you will learn some really interesting facts about diversity and inclusion at Swiss Post. Test your knowledge now!

Janina Gassner

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  • Swiss Post’s staff come from countries all over the world. But how many countries is that exactly? (optional)
  • Right answer: C.

    From A for Afghanistan to Z for Zimbabwe: Swiss Post’s staff represent a total of 147 nationalities. The most common countries of origin are Switzerland and its neighbouring countries, closely followed by Portugal, Sri Lanka and Turkey.  

  • Swiss Post promotes the inclusion of staff with disabilities. Who can benefit from Swiss Post’s inclusion programmes? (optional)
  • Right answer: D.

    Swiss Post has been dedicated to the inclusion of people with all kinds of disabilities for years, and is gradually broadening this commitment. Swiss Post’s staff are supported by internal departments if they have disabilities, and re-integrated into the work process wherever possible.

    Swiss Post also integrates people with disabilities on the mainstream (first) labour market by employing them at Swiss Post. For instance, Swiss Post trains apprentices with disabilities in the logistics sector, and plans on extending this offer to its own training areas.

    In addition, Swiss Post offers people with disabilities in the second labour market the opportunity to participate in the first labour market by allowing them to work part-time, but in a protected setting at an external institution – such as the pilot project at PostalNetwork.

  • Besides the official languages of Switzerland, what is the most common native language of Swiss Post’s staff? (optional)
  • Right answer: B.

    At Swiss Post, German, French, Italian and Romansh are not the only languages that are spoken. Staff speak a total of 85 different native languages. Besides the official languages of Switzerland, the most common native languages amongst staff are languages spoken in the Balkans such as Albanian, Serbian, Bosnian or Croatian. The third most common native language is Portuguese.

  • What is the name of Swiss Post’s staff internal network for tolerance and acceptance? (optional)
  • Right answer: A.

    RAINBOW is the name of Swiss Post’s internal network for tolerance and acceptance. The network focuses in particular on LGBTQI+ representation. It is open to all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and non-binary staff, plus anyone who is interested.

    The internal network MOSAICO is dedicated to linguistic and cultural diversity, and is committed to representing staff from linguistic and cultural minorities.

    Young Voice is the name of the internal network that looks after younger staff and fosters inter-generational dialogue.

  • From Zoomers to boomers: What generation are the majority of Swiss Post staff a part of? (optional)
  • Right answer: A.

    The most common year of birth for Swiss Post staff is 1964. But generation Y is catching up, and is already the second most represented generation amongst staff. The average age of staff has fallen over the past three years.

  • Swiss Post is one of the biggest employers in Switzerland. How many professions do Swiss Post’s staff represent? (optional)
  • Right answer: C.

    Swiss Post covers over 100 professional fields. By far the largest number of staff work in delivery (around 20,000 people). Swiss Post employs 12,000 people in the peripheral regions alone. What’s more, Swiss Post is one of the largest IT employers in Switzerland. Did you know?


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