Swiss Post was on time in 2022 – let’s work together to keep it that way!

Letters and parcels were delivered on time in 2022. These are the results of the annual delivery time measurements. Did you know that you can also do your bit to make sure your letters arrive on time? Follow these tips to make sure your mail gets to you on time.

Ludovic Cuany

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A mother and daughter in front of a letter box.

In 2022, Swiss Post met the targets for on-time delivery of letters and parcels. Over 97 percent of A Mail letters and 99.3 percent of B Mail letters arrived in letter boxes on time. When it comes to parcels, 95.7 percent of PostPac Priority and 96.9 percent of PostPac Economy reached recipients on time. These high quality delivery levels are thanks to the excellent work of Swiss Post staff.

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Measurements at a glance


Letters Target value 2022 2021
A Mail 97% 97.2% 97%
B Mail 97% 99.3% 99.3 %


Parcels Target value 2022 2021
PostPac Priority 95% 95.7% 95%
PostPac Economy 95% 96.9% 95.9%

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You should also take all possible precautions on your end to ensure that your mail gets to you or your recipients on time. Here are some tips you can start using today.

Manage your consignments with ease

Always on the go and hardly ever at home? You can define how you receive your consignments. Using the “My consignments” online service, you decide when and where your parcels and registered letters will be delivered. You can define permanent settings, such as desired days. This allows you to keep missed deliveries to a minimum.

Retain or redirect your mail

Planning a holiday? Or expect to be temporarily away from home for other reasons? Not a problem. We will be pleased to hold on to your mail while you are away, or redirect it to a destination of your choice, if you wish. Your letter box (or your neighbours) will thank you!

Register your move

Already moved or still packing? Notify us of your movein good time. This ensures that your mail will be forwarded in time for your fresh start at your new address.

Find locations

You can use the “Location search” online service to find the Swiss Post location that meets your needs in just a few clicks. Whether you’re sending letters, ordering home delivery service or receiving parcels: you are certain to find what you need here.

Always have a stamp to hand

Even if you don’t have a physical stamp to hand and there’s no branch open nearby, you can still send your letters. You can use “WebStamp” to design your own stamps online and send your mail around the clock. And even if you don’t have a printer, you can still frank your letters with your smartphone thanks to DigitalStamp.

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Ludovic Cuany