Géraldine: Swiss Post’s very own master of suspense

Géraldine Lourenço, Customer Advisor at a Swiss Post branch in the Canton of Fribourg, has just published her fifth novel, “Vengeance tardive” (Delayed revenge). A chat with the author who was a finalist in the “Prix Vanil Noir du polar des terroirs”, an award dedicated to detective novels.

Florence Herndl

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Video of Géraldine

In eight years, Géraldine LourençoTarget not accessible has written and published five books, a life adventure that has taken her to Paris and to all four corners of French-speaking Switzerland. Her novels themselves transport us to Brittany, Annecy and, more recently, her home canton. “Vengeance tardive”, her third thriller, is set in Bulle and on the high-altitude pastures of the Fribourg Prealps. A young woman is brutally murdered. Was she killed by Justin, who was found guilty but has now been released from prison years later and insists that he is innocent? If it wasn’t him, the murderer is still free and could strike again. Thanks to a pretty mail carrier, the investigation is about to be reopened.

Géraldine with her new book.

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“I’m always lost in my imaginary world”

The world of Swiss Post is something Géraldine knows well, having been a part of it for 35 years. She joined the company during her apprenticeship. After working in Lausanne, Montreux, Château-d’Oex and Fribourg, she is now based in the post office in Bulle.

Born in the Gruyères village of Estavannens, there was nothing to suggest that she would embark on a second career as an author. However, during her time at secondary school, the little girl with the large imagination excelled in essay writing. Later, a personal tragedy and the desire to share her stories finally led her towards writing and publishing.

“I’m always lost in my imaginary world,” she explains when we meet in a café in Bulle to talk about her life and her books. “I watch a film or a series, and I immediately write the sequel in my head.” The storylines come to her quite quickly. She sees a slightly gloomy and mysterious place, and right away, she has spun a tale involving a sordid murder and a vicious psychopath.

Why detective novels? “I like writing mysteries and stories with twists.” Géraldine’s novels aren’t gory, nor do they contain bloody or frightening descriptions. But the technical parts are researched meticulously. Géraldine talks to police officers, prosecutors, superintendents and prison officers to ensure that her stories are realistic.

Three books by Géraldine

Next book already under way

Géraldine’s first two novels, a mixture of romance and suspense, were produced by a Parisian publishing house. The three crime novelsTarget not accessible that followed were published by Editions Montsalvens, a company that focuses on local authors and settings. “Vengeance tardive” was one of the three finalists in the 2023 “Prix Vanil Noir du polar des terroirs”, an award dedicated to thriller novels.

The Fribourg-based author is travelling around French-speaking Switzerland with her publisher to promote the book. Her novels are available at various kiosks, Christmas markets, Alpine procession events and book stores in French-speaking Switzerland. They’re also on sale at several Swiss Post branches in the Canton of Fribourg.

Her next book will be a departure from the crime genre and is already under way. The author has chosen a virtuoso violinist as her protagonist and Charmey, Paris and the Congo as her locations. The novel will be published next year.

written by

Florence Herndl