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Little explorers in nature: tips for hiking with children

Hiking with children is an exciting opportunity to discover nature and enjoy precious family time. To ensure that your hiking trips are (even more) unforgettable, we’ve prepared some tips for you. Whether you want to know about choosing a route, the right equipment or fascinating activities – you’ll find it all here.

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A family out hiking

Choosing the right route

Before you set off, you need to decide where you want to go. Swiss Post has been committed to family-friendly hiking since 2017. Our hiking adventures are specially tailored to families, because each hiking route can be playfully assigned to one of ten hiking friends – whether it’s the cuddly marmot Emma, the industrious honeybee Julia or the courageous ibex Hans, there’s a route fit for every child. Do you need inspiration for your next hike? If so, take a look at the suggestions on our website!

Equipped for any weather

Make sure that you’re equipped for all types of weather. After all, the conditions can make a significant difference during a hike. Pack light and breathable clothing for hot days, as well as warmer layers and waterproof clothes for cooler or rainy weather. And very important: don’t forget sunscreen! 

The right footwear

Comfortable, slip-proof hiking shoes are essential– even for the tiniest explorers. Make sure that the shoes are a good fit and offer enough grip. And avoid these four mistakes

Important equipment

As well as basic hiking equipment, your mobile phone is indispensable when going on a hike these days. You should also consider taking a small pocket knife with you – they can be useful if you want to slice apples or make small carvings. A lighter or matches and a lightweight blanket to sit on are also convenient when you stop for breaks. And make sure you take insect and tick spray with you on your hike!

Bring the right amount of provisions

“Just a little bit further, then we can have a snack!” Are you familiar with this scenario? It’s always worth having a selection of snacks with you, so that you can keep children motivated and give them enough energy during the hike. Glucose supplements, gummy bears, chocolate, cereal bars, fruit and nuts are particularly popular. And remember to bring enough water with you. Stopping for food and drinks is also a good opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature around you and have a rest – or to play games!

Fun and games for all ages

Hiking can quickly become boring for children – games and activities will boost their enthusiasm in no time. Why not start a little “treasure hunt”? Before your hike, create a list of items for your child to look out for during the walk. In the sky, on the ground, in the water – in nature, there’s always something to discover. What about a round of “I spy”? Or “I packed my bag” – a game that’s not only highly entertaining, but also needs concentration? And of course, another classic that always goes down well is snakes and ladders, which you can find on the back of Swiss Post’s free hiking map. Order it now!

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