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SEF.NextGen: Co-creation is the motto

They push themselves and face realistic challenges: around 30 young adults took part in the SEF.NextGen autumn camp in Biel last week, organized by the Swiss Economic Forum. Swiss Post has been involved as a key partner for three years now.

Carmen Fusco

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Generation Z are bold, young and entrepreneurial with a thirst for knowledge. The Swiss Economic Forum (SEF) has recognized their potential. That’s why it’s been organizing the SEF.NextGen Camps for several years now, with one in spring, and one in autumn.

Last week, the autumn camp was held in Biel. Here around 30 young adults immersed themselves in the compelling world of entrepreneurship by tackling three realistic cases. In attendance: GlobetrotterTarget not accessible, BLS Schifffahrt AGTarget not accessible and Swiss Post. They’ve been sponsoring the project for three years now as a key partner.

One of those attending is 25-year-old Marinna. For her, the topic of international entrepreneurship is not exactly uncharted territory seeing as she already dealt with it during her studies in business administration, and yet she insists there’s a lot she can get out of the camp. What she especially likes about the SEF.NextGen Camp is being able to engage with other participants: “I’m already a pretty old member of Generation Z (laughs), which is why I love to hear what people younger than me think.”

The case: Pocket-sized mail

Our everyday life is becoming more and more digital, and people’s needs are changing. Data and simple, careful data handling are becoming increasingly important. Together with its five subsidiaries, Swiss Post offers holistic and trustworthy solutions that drive forward digital networking simply and securely. One example of this is the ePost AppTarget not accessible, Swiss Post’s digital letter box.

But how should this app be tweaked, enhanced, modified and marketed so that Generation Z actually uses it? This is the challenge that participants in the SEF.NextGen Camp got stuck into. And what came out of it? Impressive results that go above and beyond.

All the ideas and suggestions put forward by the youngsters are now being scrutinized internally. The aim is to put things into practice and to keep the young participants updated.

Kevin, a participant from Eastern Switzerland, thinks it’s good and important that companies listen to more younger voices as well: “Young people like us are the ones who are going to be around the longest. Many large corporations simply carry on doing what’s proven successful for decades. Young customers, however, need a paradigm shift in many areas. This is why I really welcome the fact that Swiss Post is interested in our ideas too and what we have to say.”

Why not seize the opportunity yourself and sign up to the next SEF.NextGen Camp?

The SEF.NextGen spring campTarget not accessible will be held from 15 to 19 April 2024 in Nidwalden. Are you an open, curious and bold zoomer (aged between 18 and 26) who has an unconventional, entrepreneurial mindset? If so, secure a place before they’re all gone! Register hereTarget not accessible

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