Swiss Post as an employer: good scores and recommended by staff

This year’s Swiss Post employee survey shows that most employees enjoy working there. And Swiss Post is still a highly regarded training provider: the survey indicates that most apprentices are very satisfied with their training at the company.

Fredy Gasser

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Employee surveys are a yardstick covering many aspects – how happy are staff in their direct working environment? How satisfied are employees with their line managers? And with their teams? Or with their jobs? But also: where are improvements needed? In Swiss Post’s latest employee survey, which was completed by 76.6 percent of employees (approx. 28,000 people), Swiss Post scored very well in all survey topics. However, there are still areas where action is required. Take the topic of courage, for instance. It was felt that Swiss Post could still improve its willingness to take bold new approaches.

Strong leadership and team culture

Of all the topics surveyed, direct leadership was given the highest score. The results show that Swiss Post has a strong leadership culture across all its units. Trust, creative freedom and appreciation are core values that are reflected in practice. In relation to their own teams, employees rated mutual respect, support within the team and the feedback culture as very good.

Popular amongst apprentices

Swiss Post isn’t just popular as an employer, but also as a training provider: apprentices have given their apprenticeship places at the company a steady, high score for over ten years – and that score actually improved by a point in this year’s employee survey.

Meaningful work

Almost 47,000 employees from 140 nations in more than 100 professions are responsible for the success of Swiss Post. This daily commitment is especially evident in the results of the employee survey: 90 percent of respondents would recommend Swiss Post as an employer. The statement “I am proud to work for Swiss Post” was also widely endorsed.

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Fredy Gasser