Christoph Zehnder, Ticket Inspector and amateur archaeologist

“As a ticket inspector, I’m often the bogeyman,” says Christoph. Does anyone love it when an inspector comes but they have no ticket? “Unfortunately, even people who do have a ticket are sometimes quite grumpy. Even then, I always approach customers in a friendly and relaxed way.” Christoph finds his inner peace in the natural world. As an amateur archaeologist, he searches out Switzerland’s historic transport routes and spends plenty of time outdoors and on the move.

Christine Hofstetter

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Video Christoph Zehnder

62-year-old Christoph has been a ticket inspector in the Zurich region for 13 years. As a Postbus driver, he also drives rail replacement and scheduled route services from time to time. In his job as a ticket inspector, he especially enjoys the contact with people, the variety and new challenges every day. “It’s never boring, there’s something new every day. No two days are the same, and you never know what to expect,” explains Christoph. “Of course, you’re often the ‘bogeyman’ – does anyone love it when an inspector comes but they have no ticket? When customers are upset, it’s important to always keep your cool – inwardly and outwardly – and to react in a friendly way. I don’t let myself get wound up – and I’ve always found that the best way to handle things. But we’re not just inspection staff; we’re often customer advisors, explaining complex electronic tickets or public transport apps for smartphones. Passengers are grateful for this advice service. Naturally, a good knowledge of tickets and routes are important requirements for the job.”

Christoph outside work

Christoph is originally from Aargau, is married and lives in Thurgau. In his free time, he likes long hikes and is always keen for a game of Jass. But his greatest passion is archaeology. As an amateur archaeologist, he is often out and about with his metal detector, searching for relics that frequently indicate historic transport routes. Amusingly, his hobby has parallels with his job: “You never know what to expect.”

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