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SuisseID from Swiss Post: Standardized digital ID and signature from Swiss Post

From today, Swiss Post is issuing the Swiss Post SuisseID, Switzerland's digital proof of identity, on behalf of the Confederation. An initiative of SECO, the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, the SuisseID provides companies, government agencies and private individuals with a standardized secure digital identity. With a SuisseID from Swiss Post, customers can present electronic proof of identity and make legally binding signatures on documents such as contracts and licences – just as with a traditional signature. In eliminating the need to switch between paper and electronic media, organizations will be able to speed up complex business processes. The SuisseID from Swiss Post secures reliable authentication of customers, partners and employees on the Internet. Thanks to subsidies from the Confederation, Swiss Post can offer this digital proof of identity at a price of CHF 39.00 instead of CHF 104.00 until the end of the year.The Swiss Post SuisseID also includes SwissSigner 10 signature software worth CHF 99.00.

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The SuisseID is available immediately from Swiss Post's portal at The personal identification procedure (yellow identification) required to use SuisseID can be performed personally at any post office or municipal administration office. Customized solutions are also available for companies and organizations. SuisseID users can provide secure and reliable proof of identity on the Internet and are able to act with full legal authority. In a similar way to a bank card, the Swiss Post SuisseID only works together with an individual PIN.

Flexible solutions

The SuisseID from Swiss Post not only includes the digital ID but also a digital pen, or more precisely, software that enables the signing of documents. Users have a choice of three different versions. The SuisseID from Swiss Post is available as a card, a USB stick or a SwissStick. SwissStick is an all-in-one solution encompassing secure access, digital signature software and secure mail, plus further applications. Mobile working – from home, an internet café or place of business – works effortlessly thanks to the secure access feature. The SwissStick will work without any further installation on any Windows or Apple computer and leaves no trace of personal data behind.

Business processes and e-government

SuisseID is an indispensable tool for many organizations who want fast, efficient and digital business processes. It is particularly useful for processes where it is currently still necessary to switch between media (electronic document – printout – signature – dispatch). People who send documents electronically often want to sign them with a legally binding electronic signature too. Eliminating the postal mailing step also cuts waiting times. This can save a lot of time particularly when multiple signatures are required, and also increases flexibility. As a standardized digital ID, the SuisseID provides the prerequisites for the personalised use of internet services and lays a foundation for the development and enhancement of web based e-government solutions.

Using SwissStick and Swiss Post Box to create a virtual workplace

Members of Executive Management, managers and other employees at Swiss Post are already using the company's own SwissStick to create digital signatures and to access their virtual workplace. From June 2010 it will also be possible to use the SuisseID from Swiss Post as a direct login to a personal Swiss Post Box. With Swiss Post Box, Swiss Post's electronic mailbox, users can receive and process their physical mail electronically, any time and from anywhere.

Swiss Post's SuisseID offering

SuisseID on/in 1 year contract 3 year contract
Card CHF 39.00[1] (CHF 104.00) CHF 99.00[1] (CHF 164.00)
USB reader CHF 39.00[1] (CHF 104.00) CHF 99.00[1] (CHF 164.00)
SwissStick CHF 238.00[1] (CHF 303.00) CHF 298.00[1] (CHF 363.00)

1  after deduction of the Confederation's subsidy of CHF 65.00 per SuisseID. Purchasers will receive the subsidy via the Confederation's cashback portal. Swiss Post offers simplified ordering options for organizations. As long as stocks last until the end of 2010.


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