Fare-dodging shouldn’t pay

By the end of the year, PostBus will have developed a central database for the public transport sector which will record fare-dodgers. It will be easier to identify people who repeatedly fare-dodge and to apply standardized supplements throughout Switzerland.

Lea Freiburghaus

An estimated three percent of the approximately 2 billion journeys made by public transport in Switzerland are made without a valid ticket, or with only a partially valid ticket, every year. About 800,000 such cases are recorded annually.

As a result of passengers travelling without a ticket, public transport records losses in the double-digit millions – which ultimately has a negative impact on honest passengers.

Central database for fare-dodgers

In April 2019, the public transport sector introduced a central database. This is used to record voyagers travelling without a valid ticket or with only a partially valid ticket. By the end of the year, all 100 participating transport companies will be connected to the system.

It will be easier to identify people who repeatedly fare-dodge and charge them standardized supplements throughout Switzerland.

Public transport sector benefits from PostBus’ extensive know-how

The database is developed and operated by PostBus on behalf of the public transport sector. PostBus has amassed considerable know-how in the fields of control and payment collection.

Since 2009, the competence center in Zurich has operated a fare-dodger control solution and payment recovery service – primarily for other Swiss transport companies.

Key figures on controls and payment recovery by PostBus in 2018

  • 75,000 bills sent
  • 30,000 reminders sent
  • 18,000 customer enquiries
  • 12,000 criminal complaints for 3rd offences
  • 7,000 prosecutions
  • 5,000 goodwill claims

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