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02 Apr 2019 Janick Mischler

The next big thing

Another new app, another new social media channel. Everything was quieter and better before. Really?

30 Jan 2019 Sandra Gurtner

Stefan Kunz reveals how to do hand lettering in a flash

With his art, Stefan Kunz inspires fans from all over the world. For us he has created lettering from hundreds of icons of Swiss Post services. During the eight-hour development process, I found out from Switzerland's best-known hand lettering artist how he turned his hobby into a profession, why the aircraft staff gave him a gift and how you can enter into the world of hand lettering.

22 Jan 2019 Janina Gassner

An award-winning source of inspiration

Linda de Winter Kohler is one of 50 inspiring women in the technology sector in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. She is head of IT development at Swiss Post, mother of three children and has been given the “Inspiring Fifty” award in Munich.