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03 Sep 2018 Karin Frei

“...take a deep breath, but not necessarily in front of a white wall”

Practical tips for your first video interview for a job application

24 Aug 2018 Simon Huber

Trouble getting up in the morning?

The alarm clock rings. But it’s still so early. And you’re snuggled up in your warm bed. How are you supposed to get up? These pointers will make getting up easier and help you to start the day feeling fresh.

17 Aug 2018 Joanna Buri

My journey to the Swiss professional championships

Joanna Buri is an ICT mediamatics at Swiss Post and, in Berne at the end of September, she will put her skills to the test against 1,000 of the best colleagues from her profession. In this article, she explains how this all came about and outlines the challenges that lie ahead.