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13 Jun 2019

Hiking with Julia the bee

As a partner of the Swiss Hiking Trail Federation, Swiss Post suggests cool hikes for the whole family every year – all packaged in a beautiful brochure. This year, the walks will be checked out by both experienced and less experienced hikers. Sustainability blogger Anina Mutter tested the hike to the Stanserhorn.

05 Jun 2019 Nadja Lüthi

Respect at work and in the ring

Quietly reading a book? That’s not really Logistics Team Leader and combat sports fan Miguel Rodriguez’s cup of tea. To unwind, he prefers the controlled confrontations of a fascinating sport.

15 May 2019 Janick Mischler

Back to the future

Nobody knows what the world will look in five or ten years. Decisions on which ideas to pursue, in which business models to invest, and how to use our team are all fraught with uncertainty.