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18 Apr 2018 Sandra Gurtner

You comment, our SmartCity experts answer

Three out of four people in Switzerland live in cities. Service providers are therefore developing common solutions to equip cities for the future in the fields of mobility, energy provision, digitization, etc. Swiss Post is also part of this network. At the SmartSuisse specialist conference, we asked experts to respond to your comments on the topic of the SmartCity.

24 Jan 2018 Janina Gassner

Do a good deed with Nespresso’s “Recycling at Home”

With Nespresso’s new, free-of-charge recycling bag, you can simply dispose your used Nespresso capsules in your letter box’s storage compartment – from Monday to Friday and without a prior order. Your mail carrier then picks them up on their next round. To find out why this is not only beneficial for the environment but also for your mail carrier, read on to the end of the blog post.

16 Jan 2018 Janina Gassner

Shop the clever way with Profital

Get the best offers on your mobile phone instead of spending hours searching for good offers yourself. The new app, Profital, can help you out with this.