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From postcards with love

From Sandra Gurtner | 04.10.2017

Catherine and Roger’s wonderful story began through an exchange of postcards rather than a face-to-face encounter. The couple got to know each other two years ago through the Postcrossing postcard project and are now married.

Paulo Magalhães from Portugal founded Postcrossing in 2005 for the simple reason that he wanted to receive more postcards. His modest wish has now become a huge project connecting more than 600,000 people in over 200 countries. The addresses of registered users are sent to other users by a random generator. Everyone who sends a postcard to an address assigned to them also receives one back in return. Catherine and Roger got to know each other through one of these Postcrossing postcards. In July 2015, her postcard from Cholet in France landed in his letter box in Zofingen and turned out to be a perfect match. The couple continued to write to each other. The postcards were followed by letters. After a few Skype calls, they finally met in person after going skiing together in Switzerland. Catherine moved to Switzerland a year ago and Roger then proposed last February – by postcard, of course. The couple have been married since August 2017. Although postcards were not used for the wedding invitations themselves, Catherine and Roger did ask guests to reply by postcard. They received over 200 beautiful postcards which were used as place cards at the wedding.

©Ann Rachel Photographies

Postcards bring joy

Postcrossing’s founder Paulo Magalhães says that it is not unusual for the senders and recipients of postcards to keep in touch. He knows of hundreds of stories where people who got to know one another in this way became friends and met in person at some point. That is reason enough for Swiss Post to dedicate three stamps to this project. Their comic-style illustrations by Max Spring show how Swiss people keep in touch with the world through Postcrossing and are now available at They can also be scanned with the Post-App to show exactly how Postcrossing works. More information can be found at Focus on stamps online.