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My digital day

From Sabrina Testi | 01.11.2018

Sabrina Testi is a Swiss Post employee and also a fashion blogger on Instagram. As part of the Swiss national Digital Day on 25 October 2018 she talks to us about the everyday situations where she doesn’t want to miss out on digital opportunities.

I’m Sabrina Testi (30). I work for PostMail in Sales and advise business customers. Today, I deal closely with the digital world. I wanted to see how digitization supports me in my everyday life.

Firstly, some information about myself and where I stand on this topic: I grew up in both worlds. I certainly arranged my play dates using a landline phone. At 13 I got my first mobile phone and there was a computer in my dad’s home office. That’s when my life slowly started to become digital. 

Today I still think that not all activities, publications or contacts have to be digital. But I’ll pick out those things from my everyday life which are really useful and enriching for me. In my private life I also engage with social media and what’s happening online.
I don’t want to miss any digital opportunities if they could save me time or reduce stress.

I’m now very pleased to be able to give you an insight into “my personal digital day”.

6.30 a.m.: My alarm goes off. As is the case for many of you, my smartphone does this job. As I'm not really one for lie-ins, I get out of bed right away.

7 a.m.: Time for breakfast. At the moment I record my meals because of a change to my diet. The food app that my fitness coach recommended helps me to do this. I wouldn’t know how else I could record, trace and evaluate all those details in just a few seconds.

07:10 a.m.: I suddenly remember that I’m going to an event with a friend on Saturday and I desperately need a new dress for it. After all, us women never have anything to wear ;-). While I’m drinking my morning coffee I take inspiration from my favourite bloggers on Instagram. And then I have an idea! I go straight to an online shop and look for a dress. I choose same-day delivery when I’m ordering because it’s already nearly the weekend. After all, I need to have a plan B just in case I don’t like the dress.

10 a.m.: Now I have to go to Lucerne for an appointment with a customer. Punctuality and reliability are very important to me. I always enter the desired destination into my sat nav to make sure I get to my destination safely. It gives me a lightning-quick, visual overview of the duration and the route I have to take.

11.30 a.m.: I prepare all my appointments in OneNote on my iPad. I save paper as I can handwrite my notes. I often cross out what I’ve written and so I have found an ideal alternative for optimizing my notes.

12 noon: I start to feel hungry. As my colleague Tanja and I are fully immersed in preparations for a customer visit, I suggest to her that we order lunch online. We both find something delicious on and have it delivered to us in the office within 20 minutes. I pay for everything directly. Tanja doesn’t have any money on her so I suggest she pays me back using the PostFinance fast service or TWINT. Tanja chooses TWINT. She had been wanting to try it out anyway and this is the ideal opportunity.

1 p.m.: I receive a notification from Swiss Post by SMS that I can now use my Swiss Post customer login to manage the delivery of the dress I ordered this morning. How practical is that?! I couldn’t imagine my deliveries now without these options. I save so much time and stress this way.

5 p.m.: Today was intense, especially the three-hour-long customer appointment. Besides dinner I’m looking forward to a bit of exercise. I know that it’s going to get really cold in the next few days so I want to do some exercise outdoors one last time. Whether at the gym or at home, I always need my HIITTimer app with me so I can stay in control of the timings for the exercises.

8 p.m.: Exhausted, I fall onto the sofa. It’s time to relax with Netflix. I watch a documentary about South Africa and in the back of my mind I know that I’m planning a trip there in 2019 with my best friend Monika. I write her a message right away via WhatsApp. She replies within seconds and tells me that she’s found a new app today called Roadtrippers. What a cool idea! I download the app straight away and get to grips with it quickly. Even though it’s still a whole year away, we’re already super keen and would ideally like to plan everything in detail now.

10.30 p.m.: TV off, pyjamas on and off to bed. As I do every evening, I set my alarm on my smartphone and put it in flight mode. After all, I definitely don’t need any data at night.

The upshot of digitization is that there’s some digital assistance that I don’t want to miss out on. But at the same time, I value the physical and real world. We should all be open to new things and then decide for ourselves how digitally we want to live our lives.