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TechTalks@Post – your opportunity for exciting discussions

From Simon Huber | 09.11.2018

On 22 November 2018, the next innovation-focused TechTalks@Post will be held. Why should you be there and what insights can you gain? Find out in an interview with Andri.

As a former organizer of the event series, Andri was a participant in the spring for the first time and now shares his impressions of the latest TechTalks@Post with us.

Why did you participate in the TechTalks@Post in May?

During my university internship, I organized the TechTalks twice myself. So I knew that fascinating discussions on innovative topics are held at the events and that the many knowledgeable speakers present allow you to see what the buzz words of the moment really are all about. So I really regretted that I could not attend the workshops myself during the events because I was involved in the organization and coordination. In the spring I seized the opportunity to attend the TechTalks for the first time as a participant. I found the lively exchange between internal and external ICT specialists particularly engaging, but I also found it interesting to learn about the details of how Swiss Post gets involved in certain areas.

Which workshops did you attend and why?

I attended two out of four possible workshops: Chatbots and The Internet of Things. The issue of chatbots interested me especially because I had touched on this topic in my Master's thesis. The focus, however, was more on how to use chatbots for marketing purposes, especially in social media. In the workshop, I mainly wanted to learn more about the technological fundamentals and challenges related to the development of functioning chatbots. Finally, I visited the workshop on the subject of The Internet of Things, because this is a term that is currently on everyone's lips. I wanted to know what Swiss Post is doing in this area and get to know specific application examples. So I hoped to get a look behind the scenes and that's what I got in the workshop. For example, we were introduced to the Home Button, which allows you to conveniently order things or request services from home.

What did you learn or were you able to take away with you personally?

I gained an insight into the areas of activity of Swiss Post, as I hoped. Otherwise, you only ever hear that certain units here have a new “flagship project” or something similarly exciting. At the TechTalks, I really saw what lies behind it and moreover where Swiss Post wants to go in the future as well. A key and very exciting point for me was also the “why”, that is, the identification of changing customer needs and the considerations as to why this leads to Swiss Post becoming involved in certain fields and is branching out into new business areas.

What did you like most about the event?

Above all, the interdisciplinary exchange has stayed with me. The audience was extremely diverse with many internal and external professionals. Through this mix of experts from different disciplines, very lively and exciting discussions emerged – both in the workshops, as well as during the breaks and later over drinks. Certain application examples were also discussed rather critically. The different perspectives were very refreshing, and in particular the views of attendees from other companies on certain topics added value. After all, it was of course also exciting to find out what lies behind all this technological hype and what the experts’ opinions were in terms of future viability. These were really very open and honest opinions, which I liked.

Would you join the TechTalks@Post again?

Yes, definitely, just for the beer and pretzels (laughs). The fact that the event takes place in the evening means you can go after work and learn something, which can certainly never hurt. You also get to know many interesting people and can expand your internal and external network. Of course, for me as a young employee this too is very valuable.

Review of the event in the spring: