Dear Sir or Madam

Sustainability as an element of corporate responsibility is part of Swiss Post’s ethos. We put this ethos into practice by applying the core values of “reliable”, “value-enhancing” and “sustainable”. For us, sustainability means ensuring an appropriate balance between economic success, environmental action and social responsibility, while taking account of the needs of current and future generations. By adopting this approach, I firmly believe we are on the right path. We have been named the world’s best postal service by the Universal Postal Union on two consecutive occasions. This provides us with motivation and spurs us on to be and remain a pioneer in sustainable development.

To ensure transparent and comparable reporting and to promote dialogue, we review the key issues of sustainability and our corporate responsibility annually in our Sustainability Report.

Our five strategic areas of action – “responsible procurement”, “climate and energy”, “employees”, “circular economy” and “corporate citizenship” – were defined as priorities in 2018. Swiss Post, which has a strong regional presence, is one of Switzerland’s biggest employers and makes a significant contribution to the economy. Over the past year alone, 90% of our procurement volume was placed with suppliers in Switzerland. We are on track with our objective of increasing our CO2 efficiency by 25% by 2020 (base year 2010). Swiss Post proactively promotes flexible and location-independent forms of work for employees, enabling them to determine themselves how to balance the various aspects of their lives. To support the circular economy, we recycle Swiss Post clothing and the used batteries from our electric scooters. And with our “2 x Christmas” initiative and cultural support, we make company resources available for the common good. Even though we can be satisfied with what we have achieved, we are already looking ahead to the challenges of the future to ensure we continue to develop in the defined areas of action.

Adopting a sustainable approach to the way we think and act is extremely important to us as a company, as well as to me personally. At Swiss Post, we are assume our responsibility towards our employees, our customers, our owner and society.

Ulrich Hurni