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New working environments. How do people work at Swiss Post headquarters? A tour.

From Karin Frei | 05.10.2017 | 2 Comments

What does a workstation in the open-plan office at Swiss Post headquarters look like? What facilities are available to employees? What food and drink options are there? We take you on a blog tour through our premises. You can find the video tour here:

Shared desks, special rooms, soundproof meeting rooms – as Swiss Post employees, we have the freedom to work in the way that suits us best. Offices are tailored to employees’ needs. Nicole gives a guided tour through our facilities.


The Swiss Post headquarters are well connected to public transport, as they are situated right next to the Wankdorf railway station near Berne. For those who prefer to be more active, bicycle racks and changing rooms are available in the underground car park. Alternatively, for those who have a long or difficult journey to work, some parking spaces are also available in the underground car park.

The workstation

At Swiss Post headquarters, hot desking is used. That means that staff take their work materials from a personal locker in the morning and look for a workstation. Each floor of the building and individual zones are allocated to different sections. Within these zones, staff can choose a space to work. Depending on what tasks are scheduled for that day, this means that employees can cluster themselves together around their project team or main contact person.

It is possible to use all desks in a standing position, allowing staff to ease pressure on their backs. In the evening, staff need to clear their desks and leave them the way they found them, by locking away all of their belongings in their personal locker.

The meeting room

For meetings, various meeting rooms are available on all floors. To ensure success when working on creative tasks, project areas and shared spaces are available. Everything is set up there for generating and capturing new ideas. On the ground floor, we also have EspaceLab. This offers the perfect working environment for innovative projects, as space is available for creative approaches and there are options for uninterrupted work (without hot desking).


Food needs are also taken care of. Various fresh meal options are offered in the staff restaurant each day. The cafeteria also serves barista made coffee and offers just the right snack for your morning or afternoon tea break. You can enjoy a short break on the fantastic adjoining terrace, or play a game of table football against colleagues in your team.

On all seven floors, there are coffee lounges where you can get tea or coffee. Of course, a vending machine with healthy and not so healthy snacks is available as well.

Special rooms

Constant work makes you tired. That’s why loungers are available in a relaxation room for employees who want to take a power nap. Staff also have the option of having a massage in an adjoining room.

We also look after mothers. A quiet breastfeeding room is available for them. If youngsters need to come to the workplace now and then, a special playroom is available.



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    Buon giorno come posso fare una autocandidatura spontanea per il lavoro nella vostra azienda.Cordiali saluti

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    Warum kann man geatiskarten nicht mehr aufgeben ?????

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